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4 Benefits of Raspberry Pi Bitcoin Mining

Raspberry bitcoin mining

4 Benefits of Raspberry Pi Bitcoin Mining – Raspberry Pi or Raspi is a sort of single board circuit computer of SBC with credit card size to be used to run various programs starting from office, games, and even media players with high resolution. It is developed by a non-profit foundation named Raspberry Pi Foundation. The foundation itself was established by some developers and computer experts from Cambridge University, England. So, what is the relationship between this computer program and bitcoin mining? Interestingly, many Bitcoin miners are now interested in using this program as it is considered having many benefits. What are they?


Sure, if there is a more affordable device around, why should you choose the more expensive one? More than that, it is if the functions are relatively the same without any side effects or significant lack at all. in general, Raspberry Pi is not different from other computers. Here are the specifications of Raspberry Pi; Processor A 900 MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU, 1GB RAM, 4 USB Ports, Full HDMI port, 1 Ethernet Port, 40 GPIO pins, 3.6 mm audio jack, camera interface, display interface Micro SD card slot, and VideoCore IV 3d graphics core.

Although the specifications above don’t make Raspberry Pi as perfect as other computers, at least, it is able to run some kinds of software like a web server, Liber office, File Share, download engine, Torrent engine, and so on. Do you want to play your favorite movie here? Sure, it is possible. You can even enjoy it at a high resolution.

Wi-Fi Connection Available

Of course, Bitcoin mining and other activities must need to be connected to the internet. This is another good thing for this mini computer. Yes, it can be connected to Wi-Fi particularly the USB Wi-Fi. The mini size doesn’t give any effect to the internet activities using Raspberry Pi. It is something good for the Bitcoin miners since the mining can just be done more simply, practically, and smoothly.

Easy Requirements

Many miners are probably still doubtful regarding the use of Raspberry Pi for Bitcoin mining. It is actually reasonable. Minicomputers, in general, enable only slower speed. It is particularly if you need to run heavy application including Bitcoin wallet. But you must not worry; there are some easy requirements for this problem. Despite the Raspberry Pi and Bitcoin wallet app, you will need a pool account, Raspbian image SD Card, and USB Bitcoin Miner.

Then, you can create an account there alongside setting up the payment and workers. Meanwhile, the users should also install a program that must be compiled into binary before being run. Some dependencies are required including additional software or library. Lastly, here is another app recommended namely BFGMiner. You must not worry, although the requirements are more, they are easy to find, download, and set up.


It is probably something that makes many miners attracted. Raspberry Pi is more practical compared to the others. Similar to your Smartphone, it can also be carried anywhere you want. Therefore, it is recommended for you to provide the Raspberry Pi Bitcoin mining.

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