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5 Options For Best Bitcoin Wallet for Android

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5 Options for Best Bitcoin Wallet for Android – Bitcoin mining is a way to earn money interested in people. To fulfill the high demands, many developers now develop the platforms to support this activity including the Bitcoin wallet for Android. Are you interested to download and install the best ones? Here are some of the recommendations.


Particularly for the beginners, this wallet is the most recommended. Why? This wallet is so far the most user-friendly based on the tests done by some reviewers. It is so simple to use even for them who don’t have any experience in gadgets. The features offered are mainly the basic and receive ones. Therefore, it is not confusing and really easy to learn. Besides, it provides you simple and not-weird terms. You must not worry, although it sounds so simple, this is not a basic Bitcoin wallet. It works well and is still really professional. Therefore, not only is it for the beginners but also for the experts who prefer simple wallet.


Different from Breadwallet which is indeed mainly purposed for the beginners, Mycelium Wallet is offered for the advanced Bitcoin users. It is known as a featured-packed wallet for you who need high-level Bitcoin activities. Aside from that, it supports much other hardware of Bitcoin wallets. DO you need an extra privacy? This wallet surely makes it available. Yes, it is connected to Tor for advanced privacy management.


Becoming a Bitcoin miner must give you one main purpose; it is to increase your income. Airbitz seems to know what you want so much as it supports you to make frequent Bitcoin payments. There are some plugins for Bitcoin transactions including the Fold and Bitrefill Integrations. Fold Integration allows you to buy gift cards from Starbucks and Tartet. Meanwhile, Bitrefill lets you to top up your mobile phone. There are still some other additional features for other Bitcoin activities.


Copay is another Bitcoin wallet and it is focused on the differentiation of security and cyber-theft prevention. Besides, it requires you to back up your wallet as well as apply the feature of HD-generated twelve word system. The security is guaranteed even not to let others peek the content of your wallet. Although the system is considered as advanced, this wallet is good also for the beginners for its easiness to use and set up. It is not exaggerated if all features provided in Copay are sophisticated. In fact, it is developed by Bitpay, a veteran company developer.


This is another good choice for the Beginners in the Bitcoin world. Sure, it is really easy and intuitive without providing you weird and difficult terms. Besides, the exchange from Bitcoins to Dollars and vice versa is getting easier using this app. This wallet also offers you great security system as it requires you to verify the account through an extensive process. The way it works is almost similar to the bank account in which you can easily do the debit and credit. So, are you interested to use this best Bitcoin wallet for Android?

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