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5 Sites to Offer Highest Paying Bitcoin Faucet

5 Sites to Offer Highest Paying Bitcoin Faucet – The price of Bitcoin that is getting more and more expensive recently tends to make many users puzzling indeed. Sure, it is due to the reward found is also smaller. To reach the minimum payout or withdrawal, it tends to take a long time. This situation is quite risky for sure. However, it doesn’t make Bitcoin left by its miners. The enthusiasts are even higher and they look for the best faucets to give them high payment. Well, if you are one of them, some of the faucets below are the most recommended ones.


Bitfun is one of the faucets that are combining Bitcoin mining with some games. So, while waiting for the balance to claim the Bitcoin is filled, we are able to play the games available in the faucet. Before registering the Bitfun account, you must join Coinpot.co firstly. Coinpot is basically a micro-wallet to load the coins temporarily. You can then withdraw the coins though micro-wallet coinpot. After being registered, the next step is joining Bitfun. Bitfun is quite recommended for the experiences of some users in which they find the high payments. More than that, the games also offer reward.


Similar to Bitfun, you are required to register through Coinpot firstly. Meanwhile, this site offers reward in the form of Dogecoin that can be claimed for every 5 minutes. The balance is then directly going to your Coinpot account. To claim the Dogecoin for free, you just need to log in using the email for Coinpot and then tap the claim button. There is commonly simple Captcha provided to solve. Automatically, the balance is yours.

Viral Alert Faucet

Initially, Viral Alert Faucet or known as Facethub is a reviewer website. Then, it adds a new menu, faucet, to increase the visitors. Interestingly, this faucet is also easy to use despite offering high payment. All you need to do is just submitting the Bitcoin address, solving simple Captcha, and claiming. However, in this site, the time is limited to 30 minutes for once claiming. The balance is loaded in the micro wallet of Faucethub.io. The Bitcoin address used is one that has been registered in Faucethub.io.


This faucet is indeed long lasting with so many fans. It cannot be said that the reward found is high enough. However, this is where you should play some tricks to be successful. One of them is by claiming in only once an hour. By taking some more periods of time, it is expected that you will be paid more highly. There is also a mining browser feature like Freebitcoin. The balance gained from claiming is also loaded at first in Coinpot.co.

Bonus Bitcoin

This faucet with X sign is considered as the best one in 2017. Actually, the way it works is just the same with other faucets mentioned above. However, many users claim that the payment is really high here. More than that, the claim can be done in every 15 minutes. Similar to the other, you need to have Coinpot account for registering for this highest paying Bitcoin faucet.

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