AnaCoin: Create a Peace through Blockchain Technology


The AnaCoin or Ananas Foundation is a filled charity based in London. They try to help people around the world to develop the balancing beliefs through constructive dialogue with other people as well. If you are searching a media which shares peace, then you can join to Ananas Foundation or buy the coin from this foundation through their website at It may different with another website, employee, or company which offer you with blockchain without any clear benefits. Yet, through Ananas you can promote peace and fight hate through understanding and cooperation. They try to make a peace through technology especially using blockchain system.

Entering Blockchain

At the first time, the foundation tries so hard to fund the Ananas. If the foundation creates paid platform is very useful and profitable. Though as a charity foundation, AnaCoin wants to make it free and accessible to anyone for free. Yet, they need to do something with it to fund the foundation. Thus, they are entering blockchain technology. Shortly, it is used as an originally devised for the digital currency, Bitcoin. You will like to hear this. A blockchain can make bitcoin to have other types of digital value. Thus, when you join with this foundation which is using blockchain technology, you will have several other types of digital value.

After the foundation having blockchain technology, it helps Ananas project to scale as it facilities the organization of complicated system and information. Using a blockchain technology means helping them to build their project. Today the Ananas foundation already built on two properties enabled by the developing of tokens depends on the Ethereum blockchain including future expected utility value and digital asset scarcity.

The Usage of AnaCoin

Actually, it has several usages such as for payment, contribution, and governance. The Ananas foundation uses it to pay for exploring and annual verse sponsorship on the platform, researchers and the foundation severally. The Ananas also use it to reward for the positive contribution on the platform, either by the token holders and/or Foundation. It is not only about contextual information platform, you are also available to ask a question in a non-judgemental environment. The last, it also uses as governance decisions among the communities mapping out ideologies.

If you are a person who likes to perform above the actions on the platform, or for anyone who believes in its long-term potential can join to Ananas. However, by aiming and commissioning research, the taken holders can build platform value.

You know that Bitcoin is useless at the first time, but it becomes viral and everyone will look for it. It is similar when it mainstream and takes up for some percents of given market it can be more valuable. We will see how tough this token to get large acceptance. The Ananas Foundation tries to see the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum whether it is increasing in line with institutional acceptance or increased usage. For more information, you can visit the site in It has chatting system then you can ask them directly about AnaCoin.

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