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Axtrust Solutions to Common Online Safety Problems

Axtrust is designed for a reason: to create a safer and more solid online transaction without you having to worry about being scammed or such thing alike. The people behind this platform development understand only too well about the common nature of online problems, which lead to them making and developing this online solution. Care to take a deeper journey of the concept?

Online World and Its Issues

Have you ever experienced this: You want to buy something and you decide to buy one from a reputable seller after doing some research. Not only the price is cheaper, the seller seems credible and honest. You order the stuff, seal the deal, and wait. The package finally arrives, but to your disappointment, it doesn’t look like the one you ordered. When you want to complain, the website is closed and any contact line has been disrupted and blocked. Sounds familiar?

I’m not saying that the online world is filled with mischievous and evil things – there are still so many honest and trusted sellers or suppliers out there. The problem is to find them and eliminating the not-so-trusted parties. Despite the easiness and convenience, an online transaction isn’t exactly the safest place to make agreements ordeals. Because there is very minimum requirement to meet up face to face, the possibility of scams is always there. This is what Axtrust is trying to combat. By creating this platform, they are hoping that a 100% safe online spot to make transactions and seal the deal.

How the System Works

Basically, this platform is running with cryptocurrency implementation, blockchain technology, and smart contract. The cryptocurrency is designed to make transactions run simpler and more efficient. Unlike the traditional banking transfer, the payment with cryptocurrency is somewhat more flawless and smoother. Not to mention that they are completely flexible.

Blockchain technology is using a peer to peer concept where each user creates its own network that will create a bigger network integrated with one another. This technology offers a more transparent operation because everything is recorded, kept, and then shared among users. Is it possible to cheat the system? It might be, but only if you are able to beat the whole network and system.

And then there is a smart contract that will ensure that any transaction will run as expected. Depending on the content of your agreement, payments will be done in steps. Let’s say that you want to buy a new Xbox. Based on your contract, you make deposits first to Axtrust platform. They will notify the seller so he/she can send the device to you. Once you get the device, you check everything and makes sure that it is what as you expect. If you are satisfied with the item, you notify the platform so the deposited money can be sent to the seller.

The Token Purchase

Tru token is the main currency used for this platform. Of course, you can exchange it with other cryptocurrencies. If you want to help to develop the platform or you want to invest the money for Axtrust, this would be the right time to do so.


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