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Axtrust Way to Provide Safer Online Environment for Transactions

Every platform is designed and created for a reason, and so is Axtrust. The idea is to provide a safer and more trusted spot where online transaction can be done without any doubts, worry, or concern. If you think that the online world is a completely safe place, let alone to do an important deal, then you haven’t seen anything yet. Believe it or not, the digital world can be a seriously ugly place, especially for the innocence.

The Concept

We know how technology, especially the internet, has changed our lives to the greater turn and path. But just like anything else, it is like a double edge sword. It can be beneficial and handy on one side, and yet it has some of the downsides too. Scams and frauds, for instance, are some of the most common problems often associated with online transactions. You can say that trust and honesty are the major issues with online implementation.

As more and more people are depending so much on the internet, including for buying the things they want or need, the possibility of scam is also increasing. Sure, buying something online has its own advantage. Often times the price is cheaper – sometimes even way cheaper than the offline stores. Not to mention that you often find rare items through the online system. It is also more convenient, especially for those who don’t really have lots of extra free time. You can browse for your favorite pick any time of the day, and you can do it at your own convenience. Online services, after all, run for 24/7.

Unfortunately, you never know when you will encounter shady or crooked sellers. You think that they are trusted and reputable, only to find out that they are just another scammer. You risk losing your hard earned money, and you end up getting nothing. But things are about to change with Axtrust, because not only they come with the right technology, any sellers or business establishments should go through KYC check before they are considered worthy of joining the platform.

The Included Technologies

Different technologies are included for different purposes. Blockchain technology, for instance, is adopted to improve transparency of the transactions. The smart contract is applied to protect any party involved. Cryptocurrency is used because transfer and transactions are easier and simpler with this digital money. KYC check is to verify and make sure that everyone is what they are claiming to be. Your true identity will be revealed with this check – and you can’t hide anything.

The Importance of Tokens

Every platform has its own token or currency. In this Axtrust platform, the token used is Tru token. If you buy the token, you act as an investor – your funds will be used to develop and grow the platform. This token can be exchanged with other currencies. For now, if you are interested in buying, the price for 1 TRU is equal to 0.0011 ETH. The development team plans to issue 800,000,000 tokens for this project. So, what do you think about the concept? Are you ready to join Axtrust ?


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