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BCharity Solution in Resolving Common Donation Challenges

You have probably guessed the focus of BCharity platform from the name. Yes, this is the platform running on charities and donations, trying to make the world a better place for everyone. People are a social creature – basically, they like to help out others. But with the many limitations in how the charities and donations are managed, it is pretty understandable why a lot of people have avoided donations. What are they?

Some of the Most Common Issues

One of the major problems about charity and donation management is the lack of international organization that can manage donations from every corner of the world and then channels those donations to other corners of the world. What we have today are local charities and organizations that are operating and working in the same local setting too. It will be difficult for people in America to donate to a social project in Africa, for instance, or a missionary project in China. In most cases, you need to contact a local charity organization in Africa or China, give them your donation, and they will channel your money.

Another issue is the trust. Charity is a ‘big business’, meaning that it is able to generate millions of dollars on a yearly basis. People with shady intentions are always trying to take advantage of this condition. They may say that they are doing the charity, but the money goes straight into their own pockets. After all, you don’t really know whether your money is going to the intended project or not, right? All you have is a good intention, and you are hoping that everyone has the same good intentions as yours.

How BCharity Solves the Issues

And this is how BCharity solves some of the major issues and challenges in managing the donations. First of all, the platform is designed with global coverage. It will be connected to major programs, organizations, and projects from all over the world so the coverage won’t be limited to the only local setting. When you join the platform, you may view the humanitarian project in India or any social project in Eastern Europe, and when you want to help, this platform allows you to do so.

Another cool thing about this platform is that you can track and see your donations, to make sure that they will be delivered and channeled to the intended project. Once you donate, feel free to check. After all, BCharity is using blockchain technology which promotes transparency and open platform. No more doubts whether your money is going to the projects or going to the personal management’s pockets.

BCharity Tokens

The token will be especially used as the main currency within this platform. Right now, the sales period is open. The price is getting lower during special events. For instance, during the private sale, the price for 1 BCharity is equal to $0.35. During pre-sale, the price is equal to $0.5. For the main sale, the price is equal to $1. As you can see, the longer you wait, the higher the price will be. So, what do you think about BCharity?




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