The Best Bitcoin Wallet You Need to Consider

best bitcoin wallet 2017

If you have some Bitcoin, you need to choose one of the Best Bitcoin Wallet. This wallet actually has a private and public address. You need to have this Bitcoin wallet to gain access to your Bitcoin. Indeed, there are so many Bitcoin wallets in the market and make us difficult to choose which the best Bitcoin we need to choose. However, this following information about Bitcoin wallet may help you in choosing your Bitcoin wallet.

The Best Bitcoin Wallet You Need to Consider

1. Coinbase

You can use Coinbase as your Bitcoin exchange services since it is one of the best Bitcoin exchange and uses globally. The Coinbas is also offering you with a mobile and a web wallet. You may also hear about, but the Coinbase is more flexible than it. You can manage your own private keys, and multi sign wallets wherein, and even 5 users can have a shared wallet.

2. Trezor Wallet

Do you know about a European startup, Satoshilabs? Actually, Satoshilabs is a brainchild behind the Trezor wallet which also connects with a computer using USB and OLED display feature. Moreover, Trezor is one of the earliest innovators of hardware wallets.

3. AirBitz

Are you looking for highly secure Bitcoin exchange? You can choose AirBitz as one of the Best Bitcoin Wallet for your Bitcoin because is often boasted as highly secure. You will find different features such as back-ups and client-side encryption as the standard feature. It is recommended for you because it also integrates with Bitcoin business directory to buy or sell Bitcoins.

4. MultiBid

The next Best Bitcoin Wallet is MultiBit HD. This service is the brainchild from KeepKey. The company of it is manufacturing with a hardware Bitcoin wallet by the same name. It is similar with Breadwallet which has a lightweight desktop client which links directly to the Bitcoin network. You can get a certain feature like backup your wallets using a passphrase. Then you can restore the private keys using the backup phrase.

5. Electrum

If you are too confused to choose the best wallet for your Bitcoin, you can choose Electrum because it is an extremely fast and lightweight Bitcoin wallet. How can an electrum be a fast and lightweight Bitcoin wallet? Honestly, the Bitcoin is using minimal computing resources. It is one of the most coupled Bitcoin wallets for older hardware. This Bitcoin wallet can prove that becoming a less resource-intensive does not mean having to cut down on your features.

6. Breadwallet

If you are looking for a stand-alone client, you can choose a Breadwallet. This Bitcoin wallet is connecting to the Bitcoin network directly. We can say that this Bitcoin wallet is one of the safest wallets because there are no additional servers to get hacked or go down thus you do not worry if the Bitcoin wallet will be hacked. It has different source feature. You can review the code and verify the security model of the wallet because the open source feature is allowing you. It is available in Android and iOS stores.

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