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Bidium Future for Improving Freelancer and Auction Marketplace


Bidium is a unique platform offering two major services: as the auction platform and as the freelancer-hiring platform. The integrated and incorporated features (including the technologies) will focus on each of the service. Although the focus and the target market will be different, the shared similar technologies are guaranteed to deliver efficient, fast, and simple arrangement.

The Platform for Bidding Activity

Online bidding isn’t a strange or alien concept. After all, we already have eBay, so you get the idea. However, eBay is a centralized system which means that there is a superior power that controls and manages everything. The stakeholders and the providers themselves have the power to ban users (or members) or stop any activity that they don’t see fit. Not to mention that the distribution of profits among sellers aren’t balanced – some manage to obtain millions while the others only reach less than $10,000 profits on the monthly basis.

With Bidium, everything is expected to change – from the implementation to the safety measurement. For instance, only verified and valid bidders can take part in the auction activities. It leads to sellers having the confidence that they deal with legit buyers and the possibility of fraud will be limited. Moreover, this platform uses blockchain technology and the smart contract. The blockchain technology will create an open environment. It should be transparent with very minimal scam possibility. The smart contract will record every activity in their ledger and no one can change it.

The Platform for Freelancer Hiring

Besides being set up as the platform for the auction activity, the development team sees the promising future for freelancer hiring. The trend of freelancer hiring is increasing and more people see this as not only potential but also effective way to earn money. Naturally, with the improvement and advanced of technology, it makes freelancers get work easier. This platform is designed to improve efficiency and also function to make hiring process simpler and easier.

The problem is, there is a trust issue and imbalance of control between employers and freelancers. Not all freelancers are as skilled or professional as they say. Not all employers have good intention either. It is possible that they may violate the agreement or they may not pay the freelancers properly.

BIDM Tokens

This platform will be having its own currency, known as the Bidium or BIDM token. There will be a total 1 billion of token supply. Of course, not all of them are dedicated to token sale, but it is likely that more than 50% of the share will be going to the sale. The period for pre ICO sale has ended, but there is always an opportunity for the public sale. It takes place from 25th of May to 15th June 2018. The price is set $0.02 for 1 BIDM token, and only Bitcoin and Ethereum are accepted as payment. $50 is set as the minimum purchase while the maximum one is $10,000.

Do you think this platform has a promising future? If you are interested in saving your money, taking part in this sale will be profitable for you. So, interested in joining Bidium?

For more information about Bidium you can visit

Website: https://bidium.io/

Whitepaper: https://bidium.io/assets/documents/Whitepaper-Bidium-3.0.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bidium

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bidiumofficial

Telegram: https://t.me/Bidium


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