What does the Bitcoin Cash mean?

all about bitcoin cash

What is exactly Bitcoin Cash? Yet, before we go to know more about it, we need to know what Bitcoin is. Indeed, some years ago Bitcoin seems useless and the value not more than a dollar. Nowadays, we want to know about it more, want to buy it, want to invest our money to Bitcoin, and even want to get it for free. Actually, it was introduced by unknown people. No one knows who exactly Satoshi Nakamoto is. We never know that Satoshi Nakamoto is a group, a man, a woman, or a company, or anything. If we want to explain Bitcoin bravely, it is like a ‘Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.’ A Bitcoin provides you to do a peer-to-peer decentralized of the digital currency system. You may also hear about ‘miners’. What is it? Shortly, miners are the whole system of Bitcoin functions referable to the work was done by a group of people.

What the differences between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash?

Before the Bcash created, the Bitcoin community debate for years-long. It creates as the best way to scale Bitcoin to more users. Using Bcash means as the best solution and to increase the Maz Blocksize Limit parameter of the Bitcoin codebase. It has a limit as well, the limit of Bitcoin’s block remains at one megabyte which is allowing for more than 250,00 transaction per day. Today, Bcash has been increased the limit to 8MB which can allow more than two million transactions to process per day.

Most the Bitcoin or Bcash are referred about very little noticeable difference on the front end when using their currency. It has the main difference with Bitcoin. The main difference is the fact that BCC protocol allows for more transaction per second which understands to faster payments and lower fees.

Should I use Bitcoin Cash?

It is absolutely up to you if you want to use it or not. Yet, the Bitcoin actually has a larger network and supporting infrastructure, many of them are shocked by the ever-increasing fees and long deal times while the Bcash is offering you lower fees and a more authentic rate of a deal than Bitcoin.
Bravely, when we see the term of development between those two terms, most of the code for Bcash is absolutely same as Bitcoin’s. Thus, it is quite simple to support the Bcash because it is easy to make developing software since it has similar code.

How can I use this Bitcoin Cash?

Indeed that there is little difference between Bcash and the Bitcoin. However, you can visit Bitcoin.com which is also in the process of developing a Bcash wallet. When you are still confused, then you may need to read Bitcoin wallet as well which can be found easily on the Internet.
After you read this short information, hope you can understand more about it and about Bitcoin itself since many people try to invest or have it for free. There are still a lot of section in Bitcoin you should know such as the Bitcoin wallet and the exchange. Last, it is all about Bitcoin Cash you need to know.

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