Bitcoin or Gold ? My Opinion as Indonesian People

bitcoin or gold ?

Some people have difficulty determining which investments are suitable and profitable, especially with the booming Bitcoin this year making them more confused for choosing between bitcoin or gold. As we know bitcoin is a digital currency that runs on blockchain technology. From year to year bitcoin prices continue to increase significantly.

For example, in the year 2015 ago, the first time I know bitcoin the price is still Rp 3.000.000, and now in mid-2017 bitcoin prices reached Rp 50.000.000. While the price of gold in 2015 ranged from Rp 490,600 – Rp 530.000 while until the middle of 2017 the price of gold is Rp 552,032.

At a glance, bitcoin investment is very tempting, but this is not without risk, bitcoin prices can rise significantly within hours and vice versa, bitcoin prices can go down in a matter of hours. The Indonesian government itself has yet to legalize bitcoin, both of that reasons make Indonesian people are reluctant to invest bitcoin for the long term.

Although gold prices do not rise significantly like bitcoin, gold is still a long-term investor idol because they think gold is a safe-haven investment in which every country needs it to store foreign exchange reserves, thus making gold more assured of its existence.

In other words, to get a short-term profit, bitcoin is the right choice as long as you can properly analyze the rise and fall of bitcoin market prices, while gold is the best and safest option for long-term investments.

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