Bitcoin Price Forecast 2018

With the rise of Bitcoin prices earlier this year, BTCC expert and CEO Bobby Lee said Bitcoin’s price forecasts could reach $ 7,000 USD this year, and what is the prediction of Bitcoin prices next year from 2018 to 2020?

If we look at it since 8 years ago, the rising price of Bitcoin is no longer a surprise. Because in this case, Bitcoin becomes a promising currency in the world of investment, especially for BTC users is already understood very well the uniqueness of this phenomenal coin.

Moreover, awaited by BTC users, in addition to the moment soaring price increases and make its users become new billionaires this year. Then whether next year to 2020 is still the same as the increase this year? Here are predictions of different factors affecting Bitcoin.

Estimating Bitcoin Prices for 2018 – 2020

This year is a lucrative year for BTC owners and users. Significant price increases make the fortune soaring, it is already being felt by those who collect Bitcoin day by day.

If this year becomes a lucrative year, it does not lead to the possibility that next year until 2020 it will happen even more. In the early days of Bitcoin that can only be used online is still at vulnerable price 20 cents USD.

But now, it has reached $ 7,000 USD. Once the thing that affects is the recognition by the world becomes very helpful, so it becomes appropriate if the price of Bitcoin increasingly rises as a country that allows the use of this digital money.

At the rupiah exchange rate, BTC to Rupiah in the past few years only 2 million rupiahs per BTC. But until now has reached 50 million rupiahs per BTC.

By seeing the movement, as well as technical analysis possibilities from this year to next year, will experience a significant price spike, will likely break the level of 100 million per BTC.

This is supported also by the Indonesian government which agrees that BTC can already be exchanged through foreign currency exchange in Bali. With the increase, it is undeniable that BTC also experienced an increase in the United States which in fact is the Major Currency. Well, are you interested in this BTC?

In addition to being a phenomenal currency, BTC is also being turned into a digital currency that has a superb level of security. Even for the security hacker from BTC is used to gain profit, such as the case of the spread of Wanna Cry virus that asks for money ransom using Bitcoin digital currency.

This is so that finances cannot be traced by the government, so hackers can take advantage of bitcoin as an independent payment, not bound by the state even not bound by the banking.

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