BitJob Program For Student Employment

BitJob program is a global and decentralized marketplace designed for student employment. They are powered by Ethereum blockchain. Now, BitJob token sale is available. If you join them now, you may get an interesting bonus. In this article, we will discuss more it.

Strategic Partners of BitJob

To make their project successful, they have some partners. The partners include Wings, Bancor, Token Market, Indorse, match pool, COSS.IO, AmaZix, Transform PR, BlockchainTV, and BCB ATM. With those partners, they will grow better.

ICO Affiliate Program

The referral program is now available for you all. You can earn 10 percent of bonus for the contributions of token sale made from the referral link. For example, if somebody participates in this token sale from the referral link you have and he or she buys 100 STU, automatically you will earn 10 STU. The bonus of tokens will be paid to the Etherum Address. If you are interested to participate, you can contribute even with 0.01 ETH only and you will get an email then with your personal referral link.

Trezor Lottery

They also introduce Trezor Lottery. It is a free Trezor wallet that will be sent to 200 contributors randomly. So, you should register now.


This is purposed for revolutionizing the way students live and gain the experience of occupational. They will offer the students opportunity where they will earn income as well as sharpen their skills. Even more, the students will also enrich the resume. All of them are based on the ecosystem of intensives, rewards, compensation, and networking.


All the students find themselves on cash during the period of academic. They will also earn extra income and also gain experience during their study.


In relation to the vision, BitJob will help students to earn an income that is stable in their free time. Besides, they will also enrich the portfolio and engage with the digital currency.


This program merges the advantages of micro-gigs as well as freelancer-centric bidding sites with blockchain. Students and employers are allowed to join them.


This is a semi-decentralized platform. They use both centralized methods of payment & decentralized digital crypto currency. They are developed on Ethereum Smart Contracts.

Alpha Decentralized Platform

They allow everyone to build this app which removes the need to trust server administrators blindly. In this case, you need to thank the transparent properties. They have a strong reputation, voting, variability, identity, authentication, and also micro transactions for the affiliates fee distribution and payment.

This program is designed by the professionals. The backbone of the decentralized ledger & multiple security levels will guarantee transparency as well as openness at any stage of marketplace transaction among employers, freelancers, and students.

If you are interested to join them, you have to know that they have a good reputation. Besides that, they also offer a great and interesting incentive. Then, they also have affiliate plan. That is why it will be a good decision to join BbitJob program. So, what are you waiting for?

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