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Where to Buy Bitcoin Cash: Some of the Trusted Options

Bitcoin Cash

If you have ever asked yourself, Where to buy bitcoin cash? it is highly likely that you want to have a flexible way of managing and maintaining your cash flow. Some people have used different kinds of payment methods so they can do different kinds of transactions without fuss. It is nothing odd or strange about it – it is just like you have a debit card, a credit card, and also a check altogether. It is pretty common for people to have real money and also digital money at the same time.

Bitcoin and Cash

Again, buying the bitcoin with cash isn’t something strange. Although some people prefer doing the exchange rather than buying the digital currency with cash, there are some reasons why people are doing it – and it is not all illegal reason, anyway. Aside from the matter of where to buy bitcoin cash, most people are choosing this method over the easiness and simplicity. For a starter, this practice is generally fast and also private, so you can do it in confidentiality. Second, it is one of the easiest and also fastest ways to get your hands on the bitcoins. Without a few hours, you already have yourself the bitcoins – not to mention that you can do it privately, without having to provide personal details (which can be sensitive) or verify your identity. Just be sure that you have had the bitcoin wallet before you proceed with the buying.

Some Lists of Trusted and Reliable Providers

In the event that you are looking for reliable and trusted sources of where to buy bitcoin cash, there are some potential candidates that you should look up to. One of them is LocalBitcoins, where you can buy the bitcoin with cash. Whether you use the cash deposit or the trade in person, this place allows you to have an easy and flexible arrangement.

How the LocalBitcoins works:

  • You need to find a trusted provider or seller within your area accepting case
  • Choose how many coins you want to buy and make the order
  • You should get account number from them
  • Deposit an amount of cash into the account
  • Upload the physical proof – receipt, screenshot, etc – to verify that you have made the trade
  • Get the bitcoins which will be sent from the seller to your wallet – preferably the LocalBitcoins wallet.

There are several things to consider when using this service, though. First, make sure that you choose only trusted and reliable sellers who won’t run away after getting the money from you. It is crucial to check for positive reviews (be careful with this because it is also possible that the reviews are fake) and also previous trade history. If you know anyone ever engaged in the transaction with the seller, it would be a good idea to get more information from them.

Second, the illustration above only gives you a basic idea of how the system works. You should read more about the details, especially if you want to have a secured and safe transaction. This system doesn’t require personal verification but it depends on the seller. Some sellers may want to do it for the sake of safety concerns, so don’t be too paranoid or alarmed. Moreover, keep in mind that there is 1% fee for every purchase made with LocalBitcoins so you can’t expect a completely free transaction. Basically, using this platform may not be super easy, simply because of the safety concerns and protection base but it is highly private with fast speed, low fees, and trusted reputation.

Another place of where to buy bitcoin cash is the BitQuick. The procedure and the process are almost similar to LocalBitcoins. However, this practice is only applicable in America only, using all kinds of American banks. If you choose this method, expect the bitcoins to arrive in your wallet within 2 hours although some transactions can be completed within 1 hour. The general standard hour is 2 hours, though.

However, despite the safety and also the easiness in doing the transactions (you need to verify the seller’s trustworthiness), the applicable fee is 2%, which is quite high. It is also possible that the prices can vary, depending on the current price of the bitcoin. When compared to the LocalBitcoins, this one is easier to use with fast speed and high privacy. But the high fee is probably one of the downsides that most people dislike about it.

Other Options and Providers

Wall of Coins is another trusted spot of where to buy bitcoin cash. Unlike the others, this one offers different kinds of payment manners although cash deposit is probably one of the most likable and popular methods. You can find Wall of Coins in the UK, Poland, Canada, the Phillippines, Argentina, Germany, and Latvia so you can basically make a global transaction. In America alone, you can find more than 100,000 deposit locations.

Another thing to like about this service is that its speed. In general, you can expect everything to complete within 15 minutes. It is also private as you only need to provide the information about your phone number. When compared to the previous providers, it is relatively easy to use the system. With fast speed, low fee, and high privacy, it seems hard to find the flaws. However, finding sellers with high volume transaction is quite difficult.

Another option is the Liberty X, in case you are still wondering where to buy bitcoin cash. When compared to the others, it is probably the most secure and private because you will have to verify your ID before making the purchase. The fee is around 1% and you can buy $1000 bitcoin value with this provider. However, it is one of the fastest platforms – as soon as you upload the proof of your trade, the bitcoin can arrive within minutes. And if you register with your Facebook account, you can purchase $1000 bitcoin worth without fee at all!

There are still more providers and services out there – these few providers are only several examples of the reliable existing ones. Now you don’t need to worry or be confused about where to buy bitcoin cash anymore.

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