Coin Lion: Free System with Improved Technology

You probably think that Coin Lion will be the same as other cryptocurrency providers that are offering safe and hassle-free implementation in managing the digital currency. But you need to remember that different providers are different. They may develop their own platforms and systems, trying to create and offer something new. Some platforms may be used for payment and transfer only while others can be used for making investment and trading.

In short, when it comes to managing your digital money, you want to be sure that you only choose the most trusted and reliable provider. So it doesn’t hurt to take a look at their portfolio and track record.

About the Providers

Since they are dedicating themselves to create a safe and fast financial platform with the involvement of digital money, it is easy to see where they are moving on to the future reference. They can see the future of technology, especially in the matter of digital currency and this is one of the reasons to take part in Coin Lion development.

If you are interested in joining, you can be an investor by starting early in buying the coins. The money you invest will be used in the growth and development of the platform. Of course, you can also take part as the clients but wouldn’t it better if you can have an early start? If you are interested in the early start, they still provide the opportunity for the coin sales. Join now to gain the most benefits and profits!

The Major Features

There are many reasons why investing money in Coin Lion development is considered worthy. From the PMT (Portfolio Management Tool) point of view, you can see that the system is using advanced analytics and research methods, along with a built-in system with a digital screener. As the result, it creates portfolios efficiently and easily, providing the opportunity to do multiple trading within a single click.

From the blockchain system, the dual technology makes processing faster and also easier, designed to support data integrity as well as transparency. With dual blockchain system, you can expect safer and more protected outcome. The first blockchain keeps the order data while the second one keeps the data transactions.

With the fact that this system also provides different kinds of tokens and coins, you can expect the best implementation. It supports different kinds of currencies, although it mainly focuses on ethereum and bitcoin. It has the future plan to support fiat currencies as well as cryptocurrencies.

Spending and Earning

Another unique thing about this Coin Lion is the fact that you can have various ways of spending and earn it. You can have a free trade inside the Lion market – you can even have discounted trading when holding it. You can manage and then create multiple portfolios with the PMT, gaining analytics and research access within the library.

For the earning, you can create and then share the content that is related to the management. You may allow ads on your profile or earn the currency for being the best or top researcher or performer. Don’t you think this Coin Lion is advantageous?

Coin Lion ICO

You can invest in Coin Lion project by join in their ICO. here are the details about Coin Lion ICO

Phase 1 – Min: .1 ETH – Dates: December 18, 2017 – January 7, 2018
Week 1 – 1 ETH = 3000 LION – 20% BONUS
Week 2 – 1 ETH = 2875 LION – 15% BONUS
Week 3 – 1 ETH = 2750 LION – 10% BONUS

Window to further develop features within the CoinLion Platform

Phase 2 – Min: .1 ETH – Dates: February 12, 2018 – February 25, 2018
Week 3 –1 ETH = 2625 LION – 5% BONUS
Week 4 –1 ETH = 2500 LION – 0%

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