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Crypto Fear & Greed Index : Read This Before Trading

Crypto Fear & Greed Index

Crypto Fear & Greed Index – Crypto-market behavior depends on many factors. The emotions of cryptocurrency trader are one of them. Many people become greedy when they see the market rises, and it will eventually emerge its greedy properties.

Crypto traders also often sell their coins in an irrational reaction when seeing the price starting to drop. Even though they are liable for the loss. With the index of fear and greed that we take from alternative.me, we try to save you from that emotional reaction.

What is the Crypto Fear & Greed Index?

The index of fear and greed is a way of measuring the sentiment of crypto traders. By analyzing the emotions and sentiments of people from various sources during the day, the website as Alternative.me can determine the single score representing the source release.

Latest Crypto Fear & Greed Index

Extreme fear, which is characterized by a low score. is a sign that investors are more worried about market movements. This can be a solid buying opportunity for those who are professional traders. When investors are getting too greedy (marked with high scores), then you should be cautious. Because usually, the market will make corrections. Zero on the index means “Extreme Fear,” and 100 means “extreme greed.”

Why Crypto Fear & Greed Index is important?

The Crypto Fear & Greed Index is important because market traders’ emotions can drive crypto prices on the market. Greed will make the price go up. And the fear of market participants will make the price fall. Because of this, it’s best to stay up to date with investor sentiment.

Because market sentiment can show to you how and when to buy and sell cryptocurrency. When other investors are greedy, you have to be careful, and when others are afraid, you should be prepared to buy.

You can use the index of fear and crypto greed to your advantage. By monitoring and knowing what it means, you can know when to buy coins at the right time to sell them. Moments of extreme fear have hinted a bull run in the near term, and it’s up to the trader to take action or succumb to fear.

Using Crypto Fear & Greed Index

Why are indices of fear and crypto greed important? Because it can help you to make investments at the right time. Understanding the way people influence market emotions is crucial to making successful trades. Crypto Fear & Greed Index is a fantastic tool for all traders, newbie and experienced.

How to analyze the Crypto Fear & Greed Index?

To create and analyze Crypto Fear & Greed Index. You can collect data from multiple sources. Here we summarize the best sources to create a fear index and greed version alternative.me:

Volatility (25%)

You can compare the average market movement to 1 cryptocurrency. For example, you can analyze Bitcoin prices over the last 30 days and the last 90 days. An unusual increase in volatility is a sign of many fear market players.

Market Momentum/Volume (25%)

You should also measure the current volume and market momentum. Many digital currencies are priced up when they are going to do certain events. You must place these two points together. Generally, when we look at high purchase volumes in a positive market every day, we conclude that the market acts too greedy/overly bullish.

Social Media (15%)

To collect social media data we recommend that you use Twitter. Many crypto enthusiasts are interested in this social media. You can analyze the market trends through the crowded hashtag that is talked about. Don’t forget to open each coin’s hashtag frequently. Find out how fast and many interactions they receive in a given time. The high level of interaction that is unusual produces the growing public interest by the greedy market behavior.

Survey (15%)

Alternative.me has conducted weekly surveys to a group of crypto investors. You can see the results of their survey here.

Domination (10%)

For this point, you should analyze the dominance of Bitcoin against all other cryptocurrencies. The increase in the dominance of Bitcoin is caused by the fear of market participants to invest in Altcoins. They assume that investing in Bitcoin is safer than investing in altcoins. Conversely, when Bitcoin domination decreases. People are more greedy by investing in altcoins that are more at risk.

Trend (10%)

Use Google Trends to see various search queries related to Bitcoin and crypto. Note the search volume changes on the keywords you selected. That way you’ll get a comparison of positive news and negative news against the cryptocurrency market. Digital currency movements in addition to being influenced by market participants ‘ emotions are also influenced by outstanding news.

Crypto fear and greed index at 2020

In early last January, the index was in the “extreme greed” area with readings of more than 90. The index rose from about 60 points compared to last year. Then, responding to the widespread coronavirus outbreak in China, the index began to drop to below 70. Market movements are still relatively bullish but changes in some indices components show fear of market participants who are beginning to grow.

The latest Data puts the index in the range between “neutral ” and “fear. ” The index was at 46 on February 4, Lali, with the previous close at 44. Selling off Chinese stocks also resulted in crypto markets. Large crypto prices such as BTC and BCH rose after stock trading was continued in the People’s Republic of China. After a break extension that lasts more than a week.

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