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Cubomania Potential for Future Education-based Gaming Platform for Kids


Cubomania is a unique platform dedicated for kids – of course, with the supervision of their parents. It is an educational-based gaming platform designed to make learning more fun. It combines the concept of learning and fun studying, and with the digital character, kids will love this new kind of learning system. They can gain more knowledge without even realizing that they are actually learning things seriously.

Unique Concept and Ideas

There aren’t many platforms designed and dedicated for kids, especially from the age of 4 to 14. Cubomania is about to change it by introducing a new decentralized platform where kids can directly interact with the IT characters on the platform. By unlocking the potentials of different subjects, the platform can help improve the knowledge of all the participants.

This platform isn’t designed for kids only, but for everyone who has the interest and deep passion in the education industry. Teachers, parents, software developers, and education experts can get a direct access to the platform. Besides the various topic and interaction methods, users can gain features and services. It is planned that software development should take place in the near future, expanding the services and features. Once it happens, the users should be able to enjoy a broad range of service

The Benefits for All

Naturally, there are some greater benefits that everyone can enjoy from this platform. First of all, the kids can really enjoy the fun learning ecosystem and they can develop themselves. With the digital assistance, they have limitless option of services and features. The online system is like a limitless world where you can find almost anything – any subject, any topic, etc. Second, the content creators can actually gain benefits from this platform. All these years, the reward system for content creators is complicated and isn’t very rewarding. Payment system is complicated and the creators often end up not getting the rewards they should receive.

With this platform, such a problem won’t exist. Content creators will be rewarded fairly and they can get the reward in the form of the token. Thanks to the cryptosystem, rewards can be efficiently sent to the creators’ wallet. There won’t be any delay and reward is guaranteed to be sent away. There is no way to manipulate the system because of the smart contract and also the blockchain technology. The development team already makes plans for Cubomania future development.

Tokens Functionality

The token is designed as the main payment for the system. Not only it will act as the main currency, it can also unlock the various features that are currently available – including the ones that may be available in the future. By encouraging safe platform for kids, newer technologies will also be done to create a functional, useful, and beneficial area.

Interested investors are always welcomed to join but they need to pass the KYC verification process so they can buy the tokens. Whether they want to use the tokens or keep them, it is up to them. But be sure that Cubomania will be able to deliver greater benefits without compromising quality.

For more information about Cubomania you can visit:

Website: https://cubomania.io/

Whitepaper: https://cubomania.io/assets/CuboMania_eng.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cubomania.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cubomania_ICO


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