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Dealjoy, Greater Bonds between Merchants and Customers


Dealjoy is a platform that is designed to strengthen the connection and bond between customers and merchants. It is like the eCommerce or the online marketplace, but it is more sophisticated and advanced. With the inclusion of the most current technologies, you can experience a greater benefit while shopping and enjoy the cashback offer from the merchants. Of course, the inclusion of technologies will make everything better and easier – and you can also enjoy the profitable perks.

About the Decentralized Shopping Experience

You may have been familiar with the online shopping experience, but this Dealjoy is different from the other common online services and platforms. The regular shopping platform may offer the cashback feature, which you can enjoy for your next shopping experience or for your personal saving. But have you ever notice that the regular cashback system can be quite complicated? Not only the system can be complicated and confusing, the process itself can take forever.

This is where the platform is different. Not only it provides a place for merchants to be in one place, the system also provides an efficient manner so the cashback management can be useful for the customers, it doesn’t cause the extra burden for the merchants, and it can be advantageous for both sides.

How the Platform Works

So, how does the Dealjoy work, anyway? First of all, it provides a place where merchants can get together and also display their businesses. It provides efficiency for the merchants and buyers won’t have difficult times finding the establishments they are interested in. Let’s say that a buyer is interested in a certain vendor and the products. The vendor can offer an interesting cashback benefit, which will attract the buyers and also other potential buyers.

Getting the cashback offer doesn’t have to be complicated. Once the buyer manages the payment, he can easily be rewarded the cashback – which he can use for another shopping spree or save. If he wants to save the reward, he can use it later for whatever activities he likes – donation, transfer, and such things alike.

The Greater Benefits

There are tons of things to like about this platform. For instance, the anonymous payment can be made through the cryptocurrency implementation. When compared to the traditional and regular banking system, the cryptocurrency is faster, cheaper, and more efficient. Not to mention that all the transactions and managements can be done through the blockchain technology and the smart contract. With the combination of smart contract and blockchain system, you can enjoy the safer and also more reliable platform.

Another benefit is about the absence of personal data inclusion. Since you will be managing everything with your personal wallet and account, you can handle it all without having to include personal information. And this will only promote better and safer platform.

If you are interested in investing your money in this platform, you should take part in the token sale period. During this period, you can get 40,000 DEAL token with 1 ETH. Be sure to contact the customer service is you want to join Dealjoy.

For more information about DealJoy you can visit:

Bitcointalk Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4628510.0

Website: https://dealjoy.io/

ICO: https://dealjoy.typeform.com/to/cK6wfx

Whitepaper: https://dealjoy.io/files/Dealjoy_Whitepaper.pdf





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