Dether: A New Breakthrough with Ethereum Blockchain Technology


What is Dether? Some of us may hear about it but do not really know what it is exactly. Based on the explanation from, we can see that Dether is a breakthrough for everyone in this world to buy ether using cash and spend it at physical stores nearby powered by Ethereum smart contacts. Today, we always hear the Ethereum term but do not know about it. The simple explanation for Ethereum is like a condition where you can construct unstoppable applications. It is like a trustless digital world where each of the application will not have any kind of censorship, fraud, or even third-party disturbance. Then this company tries to help anyone to make a contact with Ethereum blockchain. As we know that when we want to buy ether, it takes time and have a difficult process. This company tries to change it and will give you easier process.

What is it?

Indeed, the first part it has been explained about Dether. Yet, let see more information about it first before we go far. Actually, it is a first decentralized application which will let you as the user to buy and sell ether with cash and spend it in the physical stores listed on its map. The company wants to make a condition for ether buyers, sellers, and physical stores willing to deal ether for fiat cash and have it is as a payment means. By joining this company through their applications, there is an infrastructure for people to cover with Ethereum technology in our everyday lives.

You can access on your smartphone. It is easy, isn’t it? You do not need any bank account. You only need to buy and sell ether. If you do not have any credit/debit card, it is okay because you do not need it. You can spend ether at physical stores with your account in their application.

Why I should Use Dether?

Absolutely you are interested to download and join this new breakthrough. Yet, why we should use this application? What will we get by using this application? First of all, joining this application to buy and shell ether is very easy. You can do it anywhere, anytime, with cash. If you are too busy but want to have additional money, download and join through this application. It is safe to buy and sell ether anytime you want. You just need to use your phone and internet then you can spend the cash. Second, you can use your ether in physical stores all over the world as long as it is listed in this application map. The last, you can spend ether at the local stores, shop, and even businesses. By using the application, you may able to discover physical stores near you which also accept ether.

It is good since the popularity of Ethereum blockchain is increasing quickly. With this popularity, it makes the businesses accept ether. In the future, the company hopes to give a chance for all the users to discover all of the places nearby where ether is accepted through Dether app.

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