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Developeo Concept of Future Open Source and Technology


Not many people are able to see Developeo vision and purpose, thinking that it is mostly focusing on technology. Yes, it does have its own focus on technology but it is also more than that. This platform is about encouraging open source ecosystem and community and how it can take a part in the world’s revolutionary system – and the way we change the condition.

The Basic Idea

Let’s face it: we live in the world where everything is run by technology, including the internet. The creation of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has transformed everything – introducing a way for business to run and operate. Since the existence of cryptocurrency and blockchain, more and more progresses are being made. Platforms are arising here and there, and you can definitely see a movement where people will be more pampered with the new innovations, inventions, and creations.

It is believed that most of the traditional works may be replaced by robots and the movement toward there has been viewed. It is not about robotic movement that concerns people, but more about the development of the software itself. Open source software is gaining more positive acceptance – and they are considered more ideal that those provided by the commercial brands or names. It is safe to say that experts in open source development are considered as the most ideal work resources, and the demand for such experts is increasing.

The Role of Developeo

So, how is Developeo playing an important role in this situation? First of all, it is a platform focusing on the development of open source development – but more to the startup. With blockchain technology, this platform aims to encourage more innovation and breakthrough in the open source world. The idea is to create a platform where talented people can get together and be connected to one another. Besides providing a place for their innovation, the development team aims to encourage these people to do something. When they have ideas and they are able to come up with new codes or new innovation, they can show it in this platform. They can also expect their efforts to be rewarded with the DevX tokens.

It doesn’t mean that Developeo is trying to create a community that is focusing only on reward; it is simply a gesture of appreciation for those who have great minds and creativity to come up with something new.

The Fuel of the Platform

DevX token will be considered as the main currency that fuels the platform to run and operate. Instead of focusing on the commercial use of the technology, this platform is about generating and sharing benefits with the others. Rewards will be given in the form of this token, and the owners are free to exchange it with fiat currency, which is real money.

For now, the total token available is set around 600 million, and 480 million of them will be dedicated to token sale – which is divided into four sale events: ICO (public sale), private sale, presale, and pre-ICO. Interested in joining Developeo?

For more information you can visit:

Website: https://www.developeo.com/

Whitepaper: https://www.developeo.com/DevWhitepaper.pdf

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/developeodevx

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Developeo


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