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Developeo Ways to Tackle Common Open Source Issues


Most people may mistake the concept of Developeo by thinking that it is too technical – or too geek-ish. In reality, this platform is about encouraging open source development so everyone can enjoy the benefits. With blockchain technology and smart contract, users can contribute and showcase their startup codes. With the promise of getting rewards, it will encourage people to stay active and creative to welcome the future.

The Possible Problem

We live in the era of technology, and it shouldn’t be surprising to know that more and more progresses are being made. It is predicted that in future reference, traditional work may be replaced by robots – and the robotic innovation may start from the open source system. Most company’s IT system is depending on the open source platform, and this is one of the reasons why many companies prefer hiring IT experts with open source specialty to work for them. The demand for open source experts is increasing, and it takes a certain encouragement to really develop them through.

The concept of Developeo is pretty simple: The platform wants to create a community – an ecosystem – where talented people or people with high interest in IT industry to join, stay connected to each other, and take part in the platform. There are smart people out there, but smart people with deep interest in IT and open source matter aren’t many. Even if there are many of them out there, they are scattered around. Won’t it be better if they can be gathered together within the same community?

There are also other common and possible problems that are generally related to open source development. Open source is a free system – that what makes it different from the commercial brands and companies. Not to mention that everyone can take part in the development process so the dynamics in the change is quite high. If you contribute to the development, you won’t get anything – most people who do it simply share their ideas because they want it to.

But if such action can be rewarded – simply as a gesture of appreciation, won’t it be better? Won’t the people who are involved in the development feel appreciated for what they do – and it can lead to them feeling encouraged to achieve more? This is what Developeo is trying to do – not to monetize the actions or ideas, but more about bringing people together and appreciate their efforts.

DevX Tokens

The token is issued especially for this platform, designed as the currency as well as rewards. Everyone who has ideas about any open source code and they want to share it in the platform will get the rewards. And everything is recorded in the smart contract, so there will be digital records as the proof. The more you contribute, the more rewards you can get.

For now, around 600 million of tokens will be released, and 480 million of them will be sold during token sale events, including presale, pre-ICO, public sale, and also private sale. Interested investors can take part in these events if they want to join Developeo.

For more information about Developeo you can visit:

Website: https://www.developeo.com/

Whitepaper: https://www.developeo.com/DevWhitepaper.pdf

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/developeodevx

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Developeo


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