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Dome: Sign Up and Get Free Wi-Fi!

The Dome is a decentralized platform which is using blockchain technology. It wants to create a global network by extending people with tokens for sharing private Wi-Fi networks. Just imagine the situation you can get if you join or buy token or coin from this company, you need to share your Wi-Fi networks and let other people have free internet access almost in every part of the world but you can get money if you share. Even, it allows you to share high-quality 4G LTE data use. Shortly, when you are joining this, you will get money just with share your private Wi-Fi networks. It sounds impossible, but using blockchain technology, it is possible. Let try to see short explanation in this following paragraph:

The Token

In this the Dome Platform there is DME Token which is a contract. The company tells that this contract is like smart contract on the Ethereum platform. The design for the Token in this company is looking at the widely adopted token implementation standards or known as ERC20. You can get this DME Token via an Ethereum Smart Contract which opens to the general public. Do not worry! It has a lot of it. Almost 90,000,000 DME is available in Tokens. Visit the site soon and you will see that the company is selling their tokens on October, 02nd 2017 until November, 2nd 2017. When you buy it now, you will get some bonuses. The duration for the crowdsale is only 30 days but it will over when all the tokens are sold or the 30-day period is over. Visit the site for more details.

The Benefits

If you are interested to join with Dome, there are several benefits you may get from this platform such as you can save your money more of high charges for 4G LTE bills with a global-wide Wi-Fi network around. Indeed, sometimes you can get free Wi-Fi. Even more, when you are able to share your Wi-Fi network, you will get some money from it. Are you like to go traveling? Then, just use the network from this company in any country you want to visit. Can imagine that you will get a free connection and can earn money? It is amazing, isn’t it? Not only that, there are many benefits you can get when you are using network from this company since this company also using blockchain technology such as having modern ads based business platform, automatic on-the-fly connection, and much more.

How to Join?

It is very easy to join and get the benefits. Firstly, you can go to the site and see the details. The part how it works will tell you how to join. You need to download their client which is using to act as a Wi-Fi miner. After it, you need to configure it. You need to sign up and choose among some simple option whether it is a business account or just regular user. Then you can share your Wi-Fi or just enjoy free Dome network.

More information about Dome Ico you can visit http://domeplatform.io/ and https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2157244

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