DOVU Platform: An Ecosystem Fueled by Data

DOVU Platform is blockchain powered mobility. This consists of some components. The first is DOVU Protocol. It is the detailing attribution and data interchange of value. The second is DOV token that is used for the payment in this platform. The last one is DOVU API Marketplace as the 1st dApp which is developed by DOVU. DOVU protocol means an open source and it facilitates the mobility related dApps development. DOV token is purposed for the transactions in the dApps.

A Circular Economy

If you apply the blockchain tech, it will transform your mind of data & mobility. The blockchain is able to verify the value that is contributed independently. It happens whether you are an individual or a corporate. It means everyone may be rewarded fairly for the contribution to the ecosystem of mobility.

Getting Data Moving

In this twenty-first century, every company belongs to data companies. We will explain it. A ride-hailing company uses demand data and weather for geolocation data for planning, mapping data for routing, and pricing.

Democratizing Data

The bigger access to data will accelerate innovation. Everyone may contribute to the mobility ecosystem quality with blockchain. Besides that, everyone will also be rewarded for the contribution. The reward I mean is Ethereum based DOV token.

The First Mobility Cryptocurrency in the World

DOV token may be spent in the decentralized apps that are built on DOVU protocol. You can imagine the seamless payment for mobility services such as one secure global token purposed for riding a train or bus, renting a car or bike, and enabling everyone to share the vehicle/vehicle data.

The First dApp: DOVE API Marketplace

Innovation related to the transportation space is going to start increasingly with data & APIs. With some new features, the developer must consider whether it is worth to develop the tech in-house or whether it becomes more make sense to use external building blocks. When you connect blockchain tech to APIs firstly, DOVU API Marketplace will simplify the access to transport the related data.


If you want to meet the team, you can meet Irfon Watkins as the CEO and Arwen Smit as the CMO. Both of them are the founders. Besides, you can also meet Krasina Mileva as the COO & Legal Councer. She is also one of the founders. Then, you can also consider meeting Alex Morris as the Head of Product, Top Holder as the CTO or James Guest as the Head of Blockchain Production. For the advisers, there is Lars Klawitter as the ex-board of director Etherum, Bespoke at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and General Manager. Another adviser is Rob Jones as the EVP, Co-founder at and Design & Customer Experience.

If you are interested in the project from DOVU Platform, you can consider buying their DOVU coins. By purchasing DOVU coin, you can get the benefits they offer. So, are you interested to join with many people who buy their coins?

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