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eMarketChain and Its Way to Make Use of Technology


If you are looking for a platform focusing on online buying and selling, then eMarketChain will be your best option. It is not just another ordinary ecommerce website but it is a new platform with focused technologies to improve service, trust, and efficiency. In the end, you can really expect a lot of things when joining this platform.

The Rise of Technology

Since the rise of cryptocurrency and blockchain system, the online world has never been the same anymore. Platforms have been created. They are focusing on different subjects but they are sharing almost similar interest and features – the adoption of cryptocurrency, blockchain system, and also the smart contract. With these three elements, payments are made efficient (and fast) and there is no need to worry about safety issue anymore.

eMarketChain is all about the changes in the ecommerce world and the way online transaction is done. Sure, having the online purchase is convenient but not many people know that the existence of middlemen is responsible for the high price. Most people prefer the online system because they know that the price for merchandises and goods are relatively lower than the offline stores. But then again, the price on the online sites are actually higher (than the merchants initial plans) simply because of the middlemen existence that affects the price in general.

How eMarketChain Solves the Issue

Do you know that you actually have to pay a certain percentage from your purchase, while the merchants will also have to deal with the same problem? They have to deal with a certain fee from the marketplace providers, the credit card processor, and such thing alike. But thanks to eMarketChain, such a problem can be addressed and tackled. Besides the elimination of the middlemen, merchants and buyers can make use of the provided platform for selling and buying – and there is no need to worry about the extra cost or fee or whatsoever.

When you are dealing with the common and traditional online transaction, the process will have to go through quite a complicated procedure. You probably think that you choose the items, check out, and then pay. But the overall process isn’t that simple. Your marketplace will contact the card processor which will contact the credit card company (where you use the card) to verify the status of your card. Once the verification is done, the processor will notify the marketplace and it will activate the payment made from the credit card company to the marketplace. A pretty complicated procedure, right? The buyers may not have to deal with such a complication, but that’s not the case with the merchants.

With this platform, you won’t have to deal with such a complication. Aside from the facts that technologies are used to improve efficiency and function, the EMAC token will act as the main currency and it unlocks the features of the platform. Those who buy the token have the option to use the token or not. If not, they can still enjoy the investment option at eMarketChain although they may not reveal the overall benefits.

For more information about this project you can visit their website at https://emarketchain.co/ and read their whitepaper at https://emarketchain.co/whitepaper.pdf


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