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eMarketChain Solution and EMAC Token Adoption


eMarketChain is designed to address some of the issues in the old-school ecommerce industry. Not only the process is complicated, the existence of middlemen affects the price to the maximum level. If you think the prices on the online marketplaces are quite low, wait until you know the truth. The price you know now is already increased because of the middlemen. Imagine how convenient it is when there are no middlemen and you can enjoy the super low price offer.

The Absence of Middlemen

Middlemen are often viewed as the aspect responsible for the price increase. Without the middlemen, there won’t be extra charge or spending – for both merchants and buyers. When you are doing the online purchase, do you know that you are actually being charged a certain percentage from your purchase? Imagine when you have to make $1000 worth of purchase, and you are actually contributing 15% of it – which means that $150 of it is spent only for the charge. Imagine how many items you can buy with that amount of money.

eMarketChain provides a platform where sellers and buyers can interact without having to pay for any commission fee. More importantly, they can do any transaction without having to worry about the security matter. Sellers are free to list the items and buyers can contact the sellers if they are interested in a certain item. Everything is done in the blockchain platform that encourages transparency and all transactions will be recorded with the smart contract.

Because there is no involvement of the middlemen, sellers can offer competitive price and they can enjoy the profits all by themselves – without having to share with the third party. From merchants’ point of view, this is the most ideal business scheme.

About EMAC Token

This platform will be using its own currency, EMAC token, as the method of payment as well as unlocking the general features of the service. The pre sale started on 15th of April and ends on 29th of April 2018. If the hardcap has been reached, it will automatically be stopped. The price is 1 ETH is equal to 12,000 EMAC.

For the public sale, it should start on 29th of April to 29th of May, with different prices – depending on the token sale. When the sale has reached in between 0 and 10,000 ETH, the price of 1 ETH is equal to 11,500 EMAC. When the sale has reached in between 10,001 and 20,000 ETH, 1 ETH is equal to 11,000. When the sale has reached in between 20,001 and 30,000 ETH, 1 ETH is equal to 10,500 ETH. And when the sale has reached in between 30,001 and 32,000 ETH, the price will be 10,000 EMAC worth of 1 ETH.

Interested investors can always take a part in the token sale, because they can buy the EMAC tokens on their lowest level of price. After the launch, the value of the token will increase and it will affect the overall price in general. So anyone who has the passion to improve and grow eMarketChain is welcomed to join the board of investors.


For more information about this project you can visit their website at https://emarketchain.co/ and read their whitepaper at https://emarketchain.co/whitepaper.pdf


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