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Eristica and How the Future of Betting Will Improve

Eristica is the exemplary platform where an ideal project doesn’t have to be all serious or gloomy, and yet it can still be profitable and generating money. This platform is about creating a safer and solid platform for challenges completion. The idea is based on betting but this is not a system for betting or gambling.

The Different Concepts

You need to differentiate the terms of gambling and betting. Gambling is always about money and how you get the money. Betting is more about having fun, proving which one is right (or more daredevil and courageous) and the addition of getting a reward is like an icing on the top of a cake. You don’t have to necessarily get money to prove a point – and that’s how gambling and betting are different.

In Eristica, it is all about betting. The platform is created not to encourage betting or gambling, really, but it is more about having fun. Research has shown the evidence that betting has gone back to the ancient time – to the time of Cleopatra. Ancient Greeks are known to have a specific interest in betting, and the entire story and spark about Greek myth were basically about making a bet between the mortals and the Gods.

And after years have passed to the modern time, it seems that betting remains one of the most likable and enjoyable things to do. And the concept is adopted by this platform. After all, betting has grown into a commercial industry, generating a lot of money in the process. It would be foolish not to be appealed to the idea and how you can generate income by completing challenges. Movies industries have also adopted the concept of Jackass. Even movies like ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ or ‘The Gambler’ was inspired by betting.

The advent of social media, like Youtube, Instagram, or such likes have also created its own platform where people can complete a certain task or challenge, record it, and then post it – and then get the reward in the end.

A Safe Place

Mind you, though, that not all places are safe. Not all providers are actually willing to give the rewards. There are some problems that may arise – the things about legal restrictions, national currencies, and global market absence are just part of the issue. Not to mention that there are also complicated procedures, high commission, and also trusted intermediary guarantors. But with Eristica, you can be sure about the sanctity and quality of the challenges.

When you join in Eristica project, you can complete challenges without having to worry that you may not get the reward promised. With a mobile platform, you can be sure that most of the challenges are safe and fine. Not to mention that not only you will be rewarded, the posts you make will stay on the top spot. And the digital currency is one of the possible rewards you can get when joining the platform.

In the end, if you want to contribute and make an investment, you can always buy the coins to fund the project. With Eristica you are guaranteed to have fun in the safest manner.

For more information about Eristica you can visit:

Website: http://www.eristica.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EristicaApp

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eristica/

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