Gemstra and Modern Marketing Technology


Gemstra plans to modernize the way people do transactions and work together with the bigger brands. It’s one method of doing the direct selling and in this modern era, such a system can be quite effective and efficient. If you have a business and you want to make use of your social media account, this platform will be the perfect option for you.

Gemstra’s Basic Core

The purpose of this platform is based on the idea that social media can be a powerful marketing tool – as long as managed properly and correctly. You probably have seen how people use their social media accounts to promote the business or to introduce the products (or services). This is the same basic idea implemented by Gemstra. The people at the platform believe that such a marketing scheme is possible, provided that it is managed professionally.

With the growth of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, the idea to create a decentralized platform is getting possible. A decentralized system means that it is based on the peer-to-peer basis, so there won’t be any ultimate ruler controlling everything. It supports freedom and flexibility, something that most people like. Moreover, the blockchain technology will promote an open and transparent surroundings, which means that it will promote better security and safety. The possibility of cheat or fraud will be limited, and the greater outcome can be achieved once transparency becomes the main focus.

Moreover, the idea of implementing cryptocurrency is better – at least when compared to the traditional banking system. The cryptocurrency doesn’t know any barrier between systems and the overall process is faster. If you have a business, being able to manage your transactions with the cryptocurrency will give you a certain benefits – and it is crucial for your entire operating system.

How the System Works

Imagine this: You see an online display and you are interested in the product. You then buy it and truly satisfy with it. Because you are happy with the outcome, you post about the product and then some of your friends or your followers are also interested. It creates a chain of buying and selling activity. Not only it benefits you, it also benefits the brand and also the buyers.

You and the brand can work together. It’s like an endorse but with a certain benefit. Since you will seal the deal in Gemstra, everything is recorded and saved. The brand is able to expand the target market. You get to try the product and possibly get the reward if your social friends or followers also buy the product. Mind you, though, that the matter of reward depends on your deal with the brand. The buyers know the quality of the products because of your reference so they aren’t buying the products without knowing anything about it.

The Token Consideration

In order to gain the benefits from this platform, you will have to use the GMS token. It is the main currency that will maintain the balance of the currency as well as unlocking the features to Gemstra platform



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