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Gemstra Role in Social Marketing Channel


If you are in the online business sector and you want to expand your product to a wider market, you may consider Gemstra as your alternative platform. Of course, developing your own marketing strategy but joining this platform can make your business chances develop bigger. With the concept of direct marketing, this platform is designed to help businesses compete with each other in the healthiest and yet most inexpensive manner possible.

Understanding How Gemstra Works

People today depend so much on their social media – most of them can’t live without those accounts. Some people are able to see this opportunity and make use of it in the most creative and cleverest ideas. You probably have seen some people (whether you know them or not) have used their account as a means of advertisement. They post their business, products, and services. They post things related to their products, how to reach the contact person, what kind of special event they are having, and such thing alike. It is a clever move, really, because you don’t need to spend a dime to advertise in your own account. Instead of posting useless things, why not using your social media for marketing and advertising?

Of course, some social media platforms have realized this and they have created their own system where interested business owners can make use of this feature – this is a paid service, mind you. If you want to make use of this feature, you will have to prepare the extra budgets but it gives you a greater opportunity to market and advertise your business.

This is the same concept as Gemstra as the platform is focusing on the direct marketing through social media platform and account. Of course, the implementation and the real deal will be slightly different but the concept is similar. In this platform, your rights (as well as others) will be protected by the technologies adopted and implemented in the platform. With the blockchain technology and smart contract, everyone will be protected. The open and transparent platform supports honest application for everyone, and the smart contract will protect everyone’s rights. The possibility of cheating will be slim and you can enjoy the greater protection with this platform.

GMS Token

The GMS token is designed to encourage transactions within the platform. Aside from creating an honest platform, the token is also used to reveal the beneficial features available in the platform. You can say that this token is important for the stability and also balance of transactions (and their overall management).

Besides being used as the main currency, this token can also be used for investment. If you take part in the token sale periods, you can buy the token at the lowest price (you can even get bonus, if you choose the right period) and then wait until the platform is fully launched. Once the value increases, you can sell the token for profits. If the platform becomes super popular and successful, the value will skyrocket high. So, what do you think about Gemstra?

For more information about this project you can visit their website and read their whitepaper




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