Hash Rush Game Initial Coin Offering

hash rush ico

Hash Rush game is the first big-scale game of Hash-powered strategy. It is one of the types of game where your performance can earn you the real world crypto currency. That is why it attracts so many game players from amateur to professionals to join them.

About Hash Rush Game

On the fantastical planets that are populated by Ernacks, you build a base for your minions and then develop economy around the mining stations. However, you have to beware. Monsters dwell in the deep pits and protect all what is precious. That is crypto crystals. In this game, your diligence will also pay out outside this game where you will also earn various crypto currencies like Monero, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and others. This game is powered by ERC20 standard token that is called as Rush Coin. This is purposed and used for in-game purchase from items and units to the mining power.

ICO Whitepaper

Rush Coin tokens are going to be available during Hash Rush ICO on September 20th 2017 from 08.00 p.m. to October 20th, 2017 at 08.00 p.m. unless all the 64,050,000 Rush Coin tokens are sold wholly earlier. Let’s participate in the ICO with QTUM, ETC, BTC and ETH. For the note, the conversion rate is that 1ETH equals 1000 Rush Coin.

By participating in the ICO, you will also receive some benefits that include:

  1. Receive the conversion rate bonus of Rush Coin up to 20 percent
  2. In-game unit cardsIn-game items
  3. In-game items
  4. Join the game earlier
  5. Join the game earlier
  6. Select a faction of the player choice with no requirement to wait in queue

ICO In-game Bonus

Talking about ICO in-game bonuses, it will be various. In the first to third day, it is up to 20 percent. The day 4 to 6, it will be 15 percent. The day 7 to 9, it will be 10 percent. Lastly in the day 10 to 12, it will be 5 percent. You can claim the 20 percent of bonus. What to keep in mind and note is that the minimum ICO entry should be 0.1 ETH. The value of 0.1 ETH equals to 100 Rush Coins.

ICO Giveaway

This game project is really prospective. If you join them, you will get many benefits including ICO giveaway. ICO giveaway is divided into 2 categories. They are cards and items. For the cards, there are 2 choices that can be bought with 5 and 1000 coins. For the items, there are 3 options and each of them can be bought with 1000 coins. Different card and items have their own uses and purposes. So, you have to understand each of them clearly before deciding to buy those cards or items.

You can also connect to them via social media such as twitter, Facebook, mail, etc. Now, there are so many people who are interested to join this. If you need the imagines of the game, you can watch trailer first. Then, if you are interested in Hash Rush game, you can join and buy the coins based on our need.

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