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Hearthy: How Healthcare Expands to the Digital World

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If you are looking for a reliable modern and digital healthcare, Hearthy will be the right platform for you. It is based on the belief of universal digital delivery of health care where the patients have the total control over their condition as well as their health records. How does Hearthy work?

Hearthy’s Principle

The basic idea of Hearthy and its Creation is to create and provide an open, decentralized, and sustainable condition (as well as ecosystem) to improve direct health care access (and also easiness) to everyone without looking at their income. The focus is for the patient – focusing on the available and reliable healthcare service.

The Major Benefits

Again, Hearthy is designed to provide solution and answer – it is created to address some of the most common problems. So, what are the benefits of having Hearthy as your main platform, anyway?

  1. It gives you direct and affordable healthcare access. Thanks to Hearthy, you basically eliminate the middlemen. They are the major reasons why the cost of healthcare is super high. When you eliminate the middlemen, you affect the price to a significant reduction. It also gives you direct access to a more reliable PHR (Personal Health Records). PHR is generally costly but thanks to Hearthy, this open source platform is offering free access. After all, the platform doesn’t need any purchasing license or installation.
  2. It empowers you as the patient. This platform gives you the full control. You are the advocate for your own healthcare. The record can be easily transferred or sent to different providers, even with the different IT architecture and systems.
  3. You can rely on complete discretion and customized feature. Again, you are given the total control of the record. The platform comes with different sharing options and private setting with user-friendly system. You can choose with whom to share the information. You can also choose which healthcare researchers or providers – which give you the ability to access the cash back or tokens on your premium. The security feature is super impressive and strong so you can be sure about the safety of your data and record.
  4. You can get and gain the benefits of open research. The biggest problem with accessing the health data is the complication. But through Hearthy, you can enjoy the anonymous aggregated medical data – providing access to developers and also researchers to get the data they need. With this information and data, they can create and come up with healthcare application prediction, leading to the public health issue.

Health and Economic Platform

Not only this platform is designed to provide better healthcare, it is also designed to deliver better economy. This platform consists of a system supporting digital currency value sharing, open source application, and blockchain PHR that improves network efficiency.

In this platform, medical professionals, patients, EHR (Electronic Health Records) vendors, and healthcare providers are interacting with each other. In Hearthy, they communicate, generate (and also transfer) value, and increase the system’s efficiency to develop a better patient-centered community with an efficient and economical application.

You can get more information about this project on their whitepaper. if you have any question about Hearty you can visit:

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/earthtoken

Twitter: https://twitter.com/earthtokens

Website: http://hearthy.co/


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