HERO Coin: Revolutionizing Online Betting

Today, HERO changes radically with centralized way of betting online by buying HERO Coin. The token allows you to join or even make games on the Ethereum blockchain. The HERO design enforces both active & passive income streams for any participant in the ecosystem. This is a transparent & decentralized way in betting that can break the traditional paradigm which offers “the house always wins”.

Why Should You Join Them?

There are at least 3 reasons why you must join them. Firstly, you can create games as well as receive a certain part of pot. Secondly, it is 100% fair which means this is independent, no middleman, and full transparency. Thirdly, it is because of the ongoing reward for any token-holder. Therefore, joining them will make you get many benefits.

The Challenge

Since many years, online betting industry has suffered from the lack of innovations. Time by time, the conditions of players worsened constantly such as the fees that have improved, the odds that are in the bookmaker favor, and the winning players are regularly banned. This challenge is really exciting and you have to be able to pass it if you join them.

Trustless Betting

This project comes with trustless betting. It is a system from the combination of mechanism which allows for 2 or more parties where the purpose is to interact with another and also fulfill contract with no requirement to trust each other. That is why trustless betting can solve the common problems with the providers of current betting such as to get rid of middlemen & also other parties which can influence the result as well as to rely on what you doublecheck & proofread yourself only. Furthermore, it eliminates the risks of manipulation, fraud and corruption. Besides that it also does not require you to trust other people because HERO blockchain takes care of it for you who join us.

More than Just Idea

Most ICOs & tokens only sell ideas. HERO does not only sell ideas but also emerged from the real world need of esports betting platform. They have already entertained over 200,000 users. Besides having ideas, they also build solutions.

How HERO Coin Works

HERO ecosystem consists of the creators and players of game. Anyone can participate by joining or also creating games simply. The community benefits wholly from the growing activity are ensured to receive general reward of all the games played. In addition, you who take effort to make games receive a reward for the provider.

What Rewards Will Be Received?

Talking about the rewards, token holders are wholly guaranteed a general reward out of the distributed prize pools. For the players, game winners will receive the respective part of prize pool. For the game creators, they will be rewarded for their efforts to make and also manage the games.

If you want to join with more than 223,748 users who bet their favorite games on this platform, you can buy HERO Coin, too.

You can get more information on their official Website or their Bitcointalk announcement thread

Bitointalk Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=956318

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