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How Safein Helps Managing Your Various Payment Accounts

There aren’t many platforms like Safein which focuses on online safety and account management. You probably think that such a platform isn’t important or crucial, but if you are an active online user, you will appreciate the existence of the platform to make your operation and activity better – and also simpler.

A Simple Case

Imagine this: you have several accounts for marketplaces and you are thinking about joining other websites or services. But then again, do you remember all of your accounts user IDs and passwords? How do you manage each of the password? How can you keep everything organized – and not forgetting the details? Do you think you can manage a new password?

If you think that you can apply the same user IDs and passwords for all of your accounts, it is risky. If someone, by chance, is able to predict your habits, they can easily break into your accounts and drain your wallets. But if you choose different IDs and passwords, do you think you can remember more than 5 items? Do you think you can manage?

The Solution

That’s why Safein is created. The idea is that you can log into this platform and then log into different accounts without fuss. Instead of having to remember different passwords and IDs, you only need to remember one user ID and password (which is the password for this platform) and you can move your way around easily.

With this platform, controlling your data will be easy. You can also have the freedom to manage your account – controlling how much information you want to provide or how much crucial data you want to reveal. In short, with this platform, flexibility and versatility will be the winning elements that make your online activities easier and simpler. You will notice the difference once you able to join the platform and enjoy the benefits.

The Tokens and Usage

SFN token will be used as the main currency for this platform – commission, rewards, etc. If you have a business and you actively use this platform for managing your payments, enjoy SFN rewards on a monthly basis. You can get cashback benefit and another profitable outcome. Safein also offers this token as a part of ICO investment, meaning that you can buy the token now while it is still low in price. Once the platform is released and starts, the value will definitely increase.

The funds from SFN tokens sales will be used for developing the platform, in terms of technology and platform. Payments easiness and wallet will be the major priority. Business development, marketing, and sales will also be included in the growth plan. Legal matter, including license, will be a part of the development.

Final Words

It is up to you whether you want to join the platform or not – after all, it is not for everybody as different people have the different priority. But if you do have tons of different accounts, especially when you have a business that requires you to accept and send payments, having Safein account will be proven handy.






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