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Howdoo and a Promising System for Social Media


Howdoo isn’t your regular social media platform that will provide exactly the same services and features as the already existing platforms. It would be unfair to compare this platform to similar providers, such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. In this platform, you should be able to enjoy the elevated service with better technology that will not only beneficial for the users, but it would also be financially rewarding.

Social Media Common Issues

You probably think that having the social media account is beneficial on your part, mostly because you can stay connected to other people – families that live far away, old friends, new colleagues and friends, and such thing alike. But are you aware of the fact that there are actually many existing issues that most people don’t realize.

First of all, instead of being able to control personal data, users unconsciously provide their personal data and other things to the providers – and it is the providers that gain the best gain. They may get advertisements from users’ active participation, and yet, do they value or reward users’ efforts? It is unlikely. For instance, when a popular Youtuber creates tons of amazing videos, which direct and attract traffic to the provider, is he being rewarded by the provider? Sure, he may get likes or followers, or such thing alike, but is there any reward from the provider to him – especially in the financial form? Not very likely.

Not many users are well aware that their data is being monetized by the social media providers that they are joining in. Here is a scheme: You have just browsed the internet, looking for info of products related to kitchen furniture and baby products. And all of a sudden, you see ads about baby products and also kitchen furniture in your social media account. Sounds familiar? Is it a coincidence? Not even close. It happens because most website owners or providers or administrators have placed an observation system of each user, which can be beneficial for them. In most cases, the data from users will be sold to companies – and who gets the financial benefit? That’s right – it is NOT you.

Howdoo Solutions

Howdoo is about to address the issues and change the problem. Instead of benefiting one party alone, why not focusing on all elements? The profits are many, so why not sharing it, fair and square? Instead of only benefiting the providers, users, advertisers, and content creators will get the rewards. It creates an encouraging platform so everyone can have greater experience.

Thanks to the blockchain technology, Howdoo will be transparent and open. All activities or transactions will be recorded by the smart contract so there is no way to manipulate the system. Cryptocurrency will be included to boost effective payment or exchange. The µDoo token will be used not only as currency but also as the reward.

Any interested investors are welcomed to join the platform, as long as they are willing to follow the rules and they have the same commitment to grow together with Howdoo.

For more information about this project, you can visit their website and read their whitepaper


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