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Howdoo and Various Ways to Improve Social Media


Howdoo is a platform with the focus on a better, a beneficial, a fair, and an elevated type of social media. It is not about the social interaction that becomes the major focus, but it is all about the system, the features, and the technologies incorporated within this platform. So, what kind of offers does the platform have? And how it can be beneficial for everyone involved in the system?

Addressing the Issues

So, how is Howdoo different from other social media providers? First of all, they aren’t only about connecting people but also implementing reward system for every contribution and effort that users do. For a starter, content creators will be rewarded for their participation in making contents, and the rewards will be delivered in the form of µDoo token. Users who access the contents, share them, or even refer the contents to others will also be rewarded for their active participation. Users who are willing to accept advertisements will get rewards too, because they have allowed these ads to come into their private area.

Compare these offers to the ones you have on your current account. First of all, you have no reward system or whatsoever. Whether you make contents, share or view them, or accept ads offers, you will get no rewards at all. In fact, you have no control over your own account. Advertisements will be coming unfiltered, so you have no way to block or even refuse them. You can’t even protect your data because you will never know whether the provider will sell your data (along with other data) to companies who are willing to buy them.

The Function of Howdoo

There are some real benefits that you can gain when you join Howdoo, such as:

  1. You can have a full control over your account. Do you want to protect your data completely? Do you want to fully restrict your account from any ads acceptance? Do you want to be able to tweak everything without having to worry about anything? Thanks to this platform and its decentralized system, you can have a full freedom and control.
  2. Everyone can get the full control over their activities, such as content creators being able to create anything they like and gain profits, they are able to control how many ads they want to receive, and such thing alike.
  3. Online sellers are completely separated from sellers and advertisers
  4. Advertisers will have no limitation of the campaign control. Once the users are consent to the ads offer, these advertisers will have more freedom in relaying their messages.
  5. There is an open and transparent platform with the smart contract for record keeping and history tracking. No one will be able to deceit the system.

About the Token

This platform will implement its own token, which is called as the µDoo token. It is used as the currency and reward system to empower transfer and transactions. Anyone interested in joining this platform can take part in the token sale. If you want to learn more about Howdoo, contact the customer support to get more info.

For more information about this project, you can visit their website and read their whitepaper


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