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IUNGO Network: The Platform for Future Internet Connection

Whereas other cryptocurrency providers are focusing on the matter of financial management or digital currency implementation, IUNGO Network is focusing on a shared (and global) WiFi networking. If you like the idea that everyone in the world should be able to get direct access to the internet system, then you should participate in the development and growth of the platform. After all, the provider is raising money for their cause so you are free to join the platform anytime that you like.

The Idea behind the Creation

So, why is Iungo? The network created in the first place? The people joining the development team believe that everyone should be able to gain easy access to the internet – and such a policy should be implemented globally. The provider is created to form a friendly, informed, and also engaged the community with a focus on global internet access democracy and also easy access.

Although the focus is directed for users and clients, it doesn’t mean that global internet access will be made exclusively only for them. The provider is focusing on attempts and efforts to enable everyone global WiFi network and they are focusing on the open source solution.

The Role of Internet

Everyone in the team believes that democratizing the people about internet connection is one of the best ways to enhance the economy. Today’s business can greatly benefit from the open source internet system and this is why the world has become the biggest decentralized ISP. With the open source system, provided and encouraged by Iungo. Network, everyone can become their own personal internet provider. Whether it is a beauty shop or a pizza parlor, they can earn their own income by supplying the network of the global wireless system.

Imagine this: you can access your phone, turning it on and being connected to the internet securely in a fast and safe manner. And you can do it for a fraction of a regular cost, or event completely free. And the best thing is that the fact you don’t have to deal with passwords or poor connection or even roaming fees. And this is only for the general users.

For business, this Iungo. The network is designed to help all business owners, whether it is the big companies, small startups, or also government institutions, so they can be the part of this convenient global network. And connecting to the net doesn’t need to include any fussy or complicated operation anymore. With the Plug and Play principle, it can run after the installation. Sounds like an ideal scheme for everyone, doesn’t it?

The Final Words

The provider is focusing on a convenient platform as well as the easy access to the software. You can enjoy the flexibility, whether you want to use professional hardware or the WiFi routers – everything is up to you. Whether you want to provide it for free or set up a specific rate, you can manage your earning as well.

If you are ready to welcome the future of the global internet, this is the right place to start. With Iungo. Network, you can achieve better future for everyone – including yourself.

You can get more information about this project on their website (https://iungo.network) and their Ann thread (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2196784.0)

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