Minerva Smart Money Project


Minerva Smart Money is a kind of platform that is built on Ethereum blockchain. Its cryptocurrency is the token of OWL ERC20. Its aim is to address cryptocurrency adoption problems and also provide the partnered business with the solutions of incentivized payment.

Is It Same with Bitcoin?

There are many people who are confused about the difference between Minerva & Bitcoin. Minerva is purposed to reward platforms which accept their OWL token using reverse transaction fee and also address the mainstream cryptocurrency adoption challenges. So, it is clear that Minerva & Bitcoin are different.

Who Builds Minerva?

If you ask about who is the creator of Minerva, the answer is Minerva Technologies S.a.r.l. It is a Luxembourg that with the based blockchain-tech company that is comprised of team members & also advisors over the world.

The Proceeds of Token Crowdsale

The token crowdsale can be divided into some fractions. 70 percent is distributed to the founding team & advisors. 10 percent is reserved for new advancements and long-term operational cost. 5 percent is reserved to a new partnership in signing bonus. 5 percent is reserved for & split to the promotional bounty & diligent bug bounty programs. All the values transferred in the exchange for OWL token during crowdsale is Minerva Tech S.a.r.l. revenue.

Minerva Profit and Use

Minerva is Roman goddess of wisdom & strategic trade and warfare. They tax a percent of paid out the reverse transaction fee. They will be used on the selected platforms carefully that are subjected to transparency agreements and rigorous auditing. We will consider looking for the partner with any kind of platform with about 15,000 Alexa ranking.

ERC20 compatible wallets like MetaMask, MyEtherWallet and TREZOR can be used for the solution of physical cold storage. They pay the fee for the transaction to business and they do not charge them. They address the issues of cryptocurrency adoption by introducing the solutions of commerce-disruptive incentivized payment to accelerate the smart contract and cryptocurrency mainstream adoption. Anyway, they become the first processor of a reverse merchant in the world.

Minerva Presale and ICO

In relation to the presale and ICO, it is divided into many parts. 60 percent is Presale and Final Public ICO, 10 percent is the Founding team or Founding Advisors, 10 percent in management, 7 percent is strategic advisors, 5 percent is long-term operational cost, 5 percent is partnership signing bonus, 2 percent is bug bounty, and 1 percent is the promotional bounty.

Minerva Team

If you want to meet team of Minerva Smart Money, you can meet Kevin Mcsheehan as the CEO Executive Producer, Corey Jackson as the CTO Lead Developer, Ron Diirio as the founder strategic partner, Kol Shtufaj as the creative director brand & UX/UI, Robert Forster as the lead solidity developer, Greg Bailey as the IT veteran, Keidi Carrington as the legal advisor, Jevgenijs Steinbuks as the economic advisor, Paul Petratos as the head of communications, Count net Turner as the HR & Public relation social media strategist, and Jaron Lukasiewicz as the advisor.

For more information about Minerva, you can look at :

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MinervaToken/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/minervatoken

Website: https://minerva.com/

Whitepaper: https://minerva.com/whitepaper.pdf



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