NTOK and Its Mission for the Future

If you decide to join with NTOK, it means that you are ready to step further into the education – and be prepared to deal with uncommon methods that may apply for the future of the industry. The problem with the education today is that it involves only a tiny little bit of technology while in fact, you can make use of the technology to actually improve it and creates a completely different world for it. That’s why this platform is created – with its special application and implementation – to help people learn and interact with minimum boundaries as possible.

About NTOK and Its Mission

NTOK is an educational platform that is designed as a community where tutors and students can meet and learn from each other. Although the main focus is to provide a community for language learners, you are basically can gain a lot from becoming a member.

The concept and idea of the platform are to break the traditional educational boundaries which are usually restricting and limiting. Instead of focusing on the traditional learning methods within the walls of schools, the team behind the project development believes that learning can be done almost anywhere, even within the online system. And thanks to technology, it is possible to learn foreign languages from the native speakers – talking to the person’s face to face. We have the technology – the internet, the computer, the chat programs – so why not making the most of it?

The Transparency and Ideal Setting

Learning foreign language from the native speaker is probably an ideal condition to help you move further in your study. However, how do you know that you have found the right person? How do you know that they are qualified? How are you sure that they will help you with the most efficient manner in order to deliver satisfying outcome?

These are most of the reasons why NTOK is created. When you are joining the community, you are creating an interaction with others – trusted members who have gone through checking. Let’s say that you are trying to find a reliable tutor. Simply take a look at the site, check the available qualification, the ranking and the feedbacks, and you can decide which to hire. For the tutors, they can also perform the same check to possible future students or clients. Are they trusted and credible? Are they nagging? Are they complicated and fussy? Through this platform, everything is made simple and easy.

The Online Arrangement

Since NTOK is running online, the procedure and implementation are made as careful as possible. Everyone wanting to become members should buy the coins, which actually make them investors for the development of the project. If you want to hire a tutor, you will have to do it through the digital currency. It will protect both parties as no one can do nasty tricks – not paying the fee or not completing the lesson until the end.

In this platform, everything is guaranteed to be clean and transparent. If you want to do something for the sake of education – and you want to invest your money as well – it doesn’t hurt to join NTOK platform and community.

For more information about NTOK you can visit:

Website: https://ntok.io/

Whitepaper: https://ntok.io/NTOK%20White%20Paper.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NTOK-768633626671135/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ntok_io

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/G3Iy0EM_oQWRBf9AX7620Q

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