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OREN Platform: a Great Game Project

oren platform

OREN Platform is connected to the 3 segment core of online gaming ecosystem. They include gamers, game developers & also game publishers. They connect by utilizing the tech of the blockchain. The growth & development in these fields is really important to upgrade the online gaming industry quality. If you join them into a new, disruptive, decentralized & also open market model, it can ensure the competitive market, quality, and fairness with low entry barriers to this industry that creates the potential immense exponential growth potential. With big scale game developing companies, it will give the better sources for indie developers of the game to shine, too. That is why OREN provides a good opportunity where the whole participants may gain monetary value for creativity, skills and time.

What is OREN? It is the name used for the base cryptocurrency in this platform. This can be used for any transaction such as in-game items, purchase games, sharing model, bid for games, game assets, exchange games, exchange cryptocurrencies, trading, and transaction fees.

What about OREN FUND? It is a digital asset used on OREN blockchain. 2 percent of OREN coins from the revenue transactions including ad revenue earned through streaming, donations, purchase of game & in-game items, and others on this platform will go to the holders of OREN FUND. You can compare it to SIA blockchain and SIA Funds to get the better understanding. This will be obtained directly through Presale.

Notable Features

There are many features that can be noticed from this project. We will share and explain them one by one. The notable features include:


It means that all trading, auctions, deals, contracts or other transactions are done with blockchain tech and smart system so that all transactions can be done instantly and transparently.

2.Universal Game Development

This platform provides the choices to develop every kind of games with cross-platform support. It is being implemented with any kind of game engine. Besides that, it is also easy to use API libraries and will be released soon.

3.Revenue Sharing

The model of revenue sharing between game publishers & developers is decided through auctions per game and per publisher. It makes this decision fair for both sides.

4.Safety Mechanism

In relation to big price drops, they have a safety mechanism. The system will try to lower the active supply if mega dump takes places. They will offer maximum rates of interest for early coin lock-up.

5.Built-in DEX

The decentralized exchange has 2 sections. The first is the exchange of cryptocurrency and another one is for in-game asset exchange. It can provide the easier access to OREN coin for the gamers and also provide the easier liquidity for both developers and publishers.

6.Earn Money Gaming

Gamers can play games and also sell in-game loots on DEX. Decentralized streaming service, competitive gaming, and other features are available at gamer disposal to create a successful source of income out of this OREN Platform.

If you need more information about OREN, you can look at :

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ORENPlatform/

Twitter: https://twitter.com.orenplatform/

Website: https://orenplatform.com/

Whitepaper: https://orenplatform.com/documents/whitepaper.pdf



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