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StopTheFakes.io and Protecting the Intellectual Rights


If you are tired of counterfeit and piracy, whether it is for intellectual rights and ownership, you should start considering taking a stand with StopTheFakes.io and join them for the fight. We live in the world where piracy and counterfeit items are in abundance, mainly because there are still a few people that can value the intellectual rights and creative abilities.

With this platform, you can do something for a better world while doing yourself a favor at the same time. By buying the coins of the digital money, you can also take a further step toward the future of trading and exchange. It’s like throwing a stone and catch yourself two birds, right?

The Piracy and Counterfeit Issues

So, what is StopTheFakes.io about? The biggest problem about counterfeit and piracy is the fact that they aren’t easy to spot and that most people like to cover them up. When it comes to intellectual rights, the biggest problem is about the money. Pirated items and counterfeits are often sold very cheap, often below the standard price of the market. This is what makes people interested – the idea that they can use something without having to pay a fortune. And since they have the advantage to use the products, they make sure that no officials will know about it. Cover up is a common thing to do. Hiding out the facts and not reporting it will be the major issues when dealing with piracy and counterfeit.

This is what StopTheFakes.io is trying to fight. They are trying to come up with a win-win solution so everyone will be happy with the result. The first step to combat piracy is to develop awareness from people. Once people realize that piracy hurts the industry and everyone related to the manufacturer, they will start taking their own precautions. This is the goal that the project is trying to achieve.

If you are able to recognize a counterfeit or a piracy and then you report it to them – with the solid proof and documentation, if possible – then you will be awarded. The report will be delivered so the piracy chain can be cut off and broken. It may start slow, and it may take a while to really hit it off, but you have to start somewhere, right?

About StopTheFakes.io

It’s not about being the digital police of the world. The idea is to ask everyone to develop their own awareness so they know that piracy and counterfeit aren’t exactly the best things happening in the industry and business. StopTheFakes.io has the idea and the mission that they should be able to do something to create a fair world for those who have generated clever ideas and handy innovations. Their intellectual rights should be protected, no matter what.

If you are interested in the idea and you want to be one of their warriors, it’s time to take some actions. The first step for you to try is to join the cause. You can join StopTheFakes.io by buying the investment coins and start taking actions of your own.


Read StopTheFakes.io whitepaper to get more information about this project

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