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The Most Trusted and Best Site to Buy Bitcoins

best site to buy Bitcoins

What is the best site to buy Bitcoins? Bitcoin is a kind of investment with many enthusiasts nowadays. Moreover, its price is getting higher to make them attempted a lot. It is not a bad thing for sure and even recommended. However, it is important as well to look for a place that is indeed trusted and credible. Here is then a list of the best sites for buying Bitcoin. Check them out.


For many reasons, Coinbase is claimed as the world’s biggest Bitcoin broker. More than that, its available in some countries with many Bitcoin miners like US, UK, most of Europe, and Singapore. More than just it is really large, it offers you great services starting from the safety and security standard to the easiness to access. If you are interested to join this site, you must have your bank account connected at first. Besides, it can also be accessed through credit/ debit card, SEPA transfer, IDEAL, Interac online, PayPal, and other methods of payment. If you are not located in those countries, make sure to use a payment system that has been connected to this site.


Bitcoin.co is known as the oldest Bitcoin exchanger. Interestingly, it is now available in hundred countries all around the world. Similar to the first option above, this site also makes available of buying Bitcoin through bank transfer. Other services available are customer service for 24 hours and live Bitcoin trading. Many users trust this site as their best partner even in the initial time’s Bitcoin system is recognized. It is reasonable to claim that Bitcoin.co is really trusted.

Loca Bitcoins

This exchanger enables you to do a peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange. In other words, it is functioned as an intermediary while making sure that the transaction is done under safe and secure methods. The buyers and sellers must agree on the trade terms available without any problem for all parties involved. Despite the services are great and satisfying, it also offers you availability to buy the Bitcoins privately and with cash.


This broker is enlisted due to its ability to provide low fees while the users are doing transactions. Besides, it can also be done via credit card. Using some features available, it even enables you to purchase the Bitcoins for free through bank transfers. Although it is focused on the low and even free fee, it doesn’t mean that the services are not good. You can even be satisfied with it similar to other Bitcoin brokers. Interestingly, CEX.IO is now available in hundred countries worldwide. So, just join it.

Wall of Coins

This is another provider for peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchanges. The terms and conditions required are easy enough. Besides, the process is fast and simple. You must not worry as the easiness is also alongside the good security system to prevent you from terrible things like fraud and scam. Wall of Coins is available in numerous countries worldwide to make it more accessible. So, it is not exaggerating to claim it as the best site to buy Bitcoins.

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