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Voise and the Absence of Middlemen in Music Distribution


Voise is a platform focusing on the music industry. It uses a decentralized technology that will eliminate the superior controller as well as third party middlemen that often cause issues. By addressing some of the issues at hand, the development team is sure that they can create a fair chance for artists – while improving the industry to the highest level. So, what are the benefits to expect from this platform, anyway?

The Common Problems

As it was mentioned before, this platform is created and designed to help artists (as well as users) to enjoy the best potential gain of the industry without compromising quality. The world of art is precious and priceless – you can’t really put a value on someone’s creativity or skills. That’s why the end products of the music itself are valuable. Unfortunately, not many people are able to appreciate this – and it leads to the unfair treatment for the artists, especially from the financial point of view.

The existence of middlemen only makes the problem worse. Sure, the artists will need a channel to introduce their work and to promote a new release, for instance. But often times, these channels are charging an exorbitant price, which affects the overall price management – for the artists and also users. Sometimes, it takes more than one channel for the distribution and each one will charge a specific price. You can imagine the expenses that artists have to bear when they have to deal with two or three channels.

It affects demands from users, naturally. It’s in our nature that we like the cheapest solution, right? So, when the possibility of getting the music source is quite slim, we tend to find other alternatives, right? Instead of sticking to the official channel (which is expensive), most people would prefer the illegal download. In the end, it affects the artist in the end too. Their numbers of revenue will significantly be reduced, and they will be the one suffering from the whole scheme.

The Role of Voise

Voise will provide solutions so these problems won’t exist anymore. For a starter, they will eliminate the middlemen responsible for the high price. They will implement the right technologies that would help manage the system without compromising quality. Here is the simplest scheme: users can always browse for any music or listing or album they want to listen or download. Once they find what they are looking for, they can send Voise token as the method of payment, and then download it. It’s that simple! The profit generated from this activity will go 100% to the artists and users won’t have to pay any monthly subscription or whatsoever.

So, what’s in it for this platform, anyway? The active participation of users will increase the value of the token and that’s what Voise is all about. The development team aims at the active participation instead of the regular charge, and if this continues to happen, it will also bring positive outcome and feedback for this platform. So, what do you think about Voise in general?

For more information about Voise you can visit :

Website: http://www.voise.com/

Whitepaper: https://voise.com/whitepaper-voise.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/voisecom

Telegram: https://t.me/voisecom


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