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Voise in Addressing Different Problems in Music Industry


If you read the concept of Voise, you probably think about the regular music streaming platform. However, it is not. In fact, this platform will bring a new creation and technology to another higher level.

It is about creating a new distribution system that benefits everyone, activated with the blockchain technology and the crypto arrangement. With such a decentralized system, everyone should be able to reap the best gain without hurting anyone or compromising the quality.

Problems for Artists

The key to the music industry is talent. It isn’t easy to find talented artists as creativity is rare and difficult to find. Once the music company is able to find talent, they are hoping to get the best benefits.

But then again, the challenge in the distribution channel is presenting a difficult outcome. When the outcome has resulted, the distribution will be quite difficult.

The distribution channel will be important because it will introduce the music – it also acts as the promotional means. The problem is, these distribution channels are quite expensive.

One channel alone requires the industry to spend extra, so imagine the total spending when there are different channels incorporated. Imagine if one channel may charge an extra percentage, how much spending the company will have to make when they have to go through different channels.

Voise is about to address this problem. Instead of music producers and companies will have to go through different channels, why not using a single platform that will charge nothing?

The absence of these middlemen channels will affect the price, and when the companies don’t have to pay extra, they can provide the work of art in the lowest price range as possible.

Problems for Users

The high price is the biggest issue for users. With the existence of the middlemen, users don’t have the choice with the setup price. In most cases, they are looking for other alternatives, which often include illegal downloads or other things alike.

But with Voise, everything should be different. The elimination of the third party will affect the price, bringing it down. It will create an appealing sector for users. Not to mention that they don’t have to deal with any monthly subscription fee or whatsoever.

Users are given the freedom and choices to choose whatever music they want. They only need to log into the platform, browse or search around, and then download it. That’s it. If they don’t use the platform at all, they don’t have to pay a thing. They only need to pay when they download the content.

Token Activation

A special token will be used in this platform, used as the main currency to unlock all of the features and services in this platform. Users will have to pay the token when they download an album or the music.

The token will be transferred to the artists without experiencing any cut. Around 825 million tokens will be released and distributed. Interested investors can always take part in the token sale so they can unlock the features available in Voise.

Website: http://www.voise.com/

Whitepaper: https://voise.com/whitepaper-voise.pdf

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Telegram: https://t.me/voisecom

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