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Zaza and the Future of Shopping Cashback System


Zaza is probably a crucial platform needed by all businesses, especially the startups. This is a decentralized platform designed to help small businesses develop their target market and manage customers’ loyalty program. With this platform, it is expected that more and more small businesses will be able to survive the harsh competition and they can run for longer period of time.

The Current Condition

According to business experts, establishing a business or a company is easy than maintaining and developing it in order to succeed within the industry. Every year, around 200 million of small and medium businesses are set up, but not all of them will be able to succeed – let alone to survive. One of the biggest challenges in the business is to penetrate the market, attract customers, make new deals, keep their existing customers loyal, and so much more. In most cases, a lot of companies have spent a lot of resources (including money) to develop their businesses – and yet they fail the efforts within the first year. That’s why, businesses are encouraged to manage trustworthy and reliable partnership if they want to succeed.

Some of the Biggest Challenges

Zaza is designed to help small businesses deal with the most common and non-stop challenges, which include:

  • Getting new clients and also managing the new deals. Business is a competitive and cutthroat industry. It is difficult to survive and compete with others.
  • The expensive cost of the marketing and advertising. This is one factor that makes business development and growth difficult
  • The lack of trust and reliability because of the non-transparent products and company’s profile. This has caused trust issue where customers may not believe the company and they don’t want to deal with it
  • The lack of completely secure and reliable management in doing the transaction. Can you imagine how difficult it is to seal the deal when each of the party doesn’t trust one another?
  • The business to business arrangement is often complicated and fussy. It is not uncommon that one party doesn’t know the details of another one.
  • The increasing difficulty and challenge in managing the cost, sales generation, and business running.

Zaza Role

So, how will Zaza deal with these issues? First of all, this is platform focusing on the business activities. One of the greatest strength is the efficient business to business arrangement, which allows one business to work together with another one within a more reliable and trusted environment. This is a platform where everyone can get together, communicate, interact, and seal the deal. Brands, buyers, and sellers can work together within the global setting, improving efficiency and benefits while minimizing frauds, trust issues, and expensive operational cost.

Zaza Tokens

Just like other platforms, the platform will need a certain token as the main currency. Zaza token can be used for it. Not to mention that interested investors can also save their money in the token. During the sale period, 1 Zaza token is equal to $0.07 so you can have a profitable investment – provided that you manage everything carefully.

Here is the video from official, hope you enjoy it

For more information about this project you can visit:

Website: https://zaza-world.io/

Whitepaper: https://zaza-world.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/ZAZA_White_Paper.pdf

Telegram Group: https://t.me/ZAZA_ICO

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